Nominations for British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration 2014 still open

You only have until 31st December to get your nominations in for the British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration Awards 2014.  So get cracking!

The British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration (BBPI) is the brainchild of local Wapping resident Abdal Ullah who is also Tower Hamlets Councillor for St Dunstans & Stepney Green.

Abdal Ullah – not just a street style icon

Abdall Ullah
Abdall Ullah

Abdal get often be seen around Wapping in a rather fetching flat cap and natty scarf.

More importantly he works for not just the people he is elected to represent ‘oop north’ in St Dunstans & Stepney Green but his neighbours too – that’s you.

The idea behind BB Power & Inspiration is to identify and promote Bangladeshi people in the whole of the UK (not just Wapping) who are leaders, pioneers or role models for the Bangladeshi community.

Some people may be well established and familiar faces, others not so.

But it’s the lesser known that need help and mentoring to succeed in representing their community at a national and local level. That’s what BBPI delivers.

Showcasing  British Bangladeshi talent

“BBPI is about ensuring the incredible talent of British Bangladeshis is showcased and recognised,” says Abdal. “That is why we want to hear from you if there is someone who you think deserves to be recognised for their contribution to Britain today”

Here’s Abdal talking about the issues on the BBC.
Some examples of the sort of people we are talking about for inclusion in the BB Power 100 List are:

Captain Naveen Rahman, Army Intelligence Corp

Naveen Rahman
Naveen Rahman

Naveen has seen active service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Her rank makes her second-in-command of a sub-unit of up to 120 soldiers with tactical responsibility for operations on the ground as well as logistic support.

She is also a world class fencer and has represented Guernsey at the Commonwealth Games.



Ruqsana Begum, British Kickboxing Champion

Ruqsana Begum
Ruqsana Begum

British female Muaythai Champion, Ruqsana recently took the bronze medal at the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur Championships in 2012 having been selected as the Great Britain Team Captain.

The Muslim Women in Sport Foundation have shortlisted Ruqsana for the Sports Woman of the Year award.




Rahima Begum, Restless Beings

Rahima Begum
Rahima Begum

Rahima is the co-founder of Restless Beings , an international human rights organisation that aims to support marginalised communities that are deprived of media or public attention.

She has been at the forefront of the campaign to bring the atrocities committed against the Rohingyas of Burma to the attention of the international media and world opinion.



Sakira Suzia, Police Officer

Sakira Suzia
Sakira Suzia

The multi talented Sakira is a police officer, TA army officer and an accomplished marathon runner.

She volunteers for a number of organisations and was chosen for the Met’s Olympic Torch Security Escort Team. [Editors note: I feel exhausted just thinking about that].

Sakira was also awarded the Metropolitan Commissioners Award, the highest award for bravery in the Met, for her role during the 2011 London riots.



Get nominating and be quick about it

You can nominate a member of the UK Bangladeshi community you think deserves to be recognised in the BB Power & Inspiration Awards here either online or by downloading the form.

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