“I say chaps, I really have had it with this very small snake on this DLR train!”

Love Wapping’s Wildlife Rangers rarely find the need to carry out their patrols on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) for the very good reason that there is not a lot of wildlife on the DLR. Or so they thought until an encounter with a Royal Python last night.


Safety of nation guaranteed as raven chicks born at Tower of London

Raven chicks have been born at the Tower of London – aka Our Local Fort – for the first time in 30 years, so ensuring the continuing safety of the nation. So whatever the final result of the Brexit nonsense we will all be fine!


In 2020 we can abandon the directly-elected Mayor system (if we can be trusted to)

Directly-elected Mayors in Tower Hamlets have done as much for democracy as the film ‘Jaws’ did for swimming. So let’s get rid of directly-elected Mayors and get back in the water!


More details of housing fraud allegations against Tower Hamlets Labour councillor emerge

Further details have emerged of the allegations of housing fraud against Muhammad Harun and that as a Councillor he was a member of the Housing Scrutiny Committee which covers housing fraud.