Latest Tower Hamlets coronavirus information – and some design fails

As the coronavirus crisis continues the Tower Hamlets Council newsletter is essential reading. Dull but still essential. Something to read while you remain indoors this weekend perhaps?

You certainly won’t be going for a walk in Victoria Park, will you?

Food packages for the vulnerable

Those residents who have been identified as being extremely vulnerable by the NHS have now been given government supplied food packages.

The council is also helping provide food to others with urgent needs such as those self-isolating – but the council does not provide any details of how this service works.

If you need support with food contact Tower Hamlets Council on 020 7364 3030 or complete the COVID-19 self-isolation support request form.

More care workers needed

More vulnerable residents due to coronavirus and intense pressure on the NHS means the borough needs more care workers.

Vacancies exist for carers to help residents in their own homes as well as in supported housing, extra care housing or residential care homes.

To find out more call the council care worker recruitment hotline on 020 7364 2280 or email

Stay home this weekend

Mayor Rahman / Biggs is also urging everyone to stay at home this weekend for obvious reasons.

Little point in writing this as the idiots who still think it is ok to ignore self-distancing guidelines – like the ones who caused Victoria Park to be closed – are not going to read it.

In our humble opinion it would be much more effective if some of the idiots (or even all of them) could be fined, then heavily fined, then jailed if necessary.

LBTH coronavirus newsletter

Please sign up to the LBTH coronavirus newsletter.

LW Comment

It’s good to know that food packages are now being distributed. LW asked about this earlier this week so we could update you but has yet to receive a reply, part of the continued party political policy of the council not communicating with media outlets which has been critical of it in the past.

Quite why Mayor Lutfur Rahman John Biggs thinks this is OK and will never be mentioned anywhere is beyond us.

Maybe the person residents pay £100,000 a year to for being Lutfur Rahman’s John Biggs Head of Communications, Andreas Christophorou, knows? Or maybe he doesn’t.

LW has also asked the council exactly how many people behaved like the idiots they are to cause Victoria Park to be shut – but we have not been told this either. So you don’t know. Which is kinda the point, no?

Information design fails

LBTH Head of Communications Andreas Christophorou

For £100k a year you would think that Mr Christophorou would ensure the 25 people who work in his Comms team would do their jobs properly. Seems not. Odd ‘cos the ones we have met are good people who seem very competent.

Lack of leadership maybe?

Below are a couple of changes which we, in our humble opinion, think could be made to the current newsletter design to make it more effective.

Much is made of a new phone number – 020 7364 3030 – for residents at highest risk of severe illness from coronavirus and extremely vulnerable residents to get help.

Where’s the number?

Trouble is the phone number is not, um, obvious. You have to dig deep to find it right at the bottom of the newsletter. Guess which part of a newsletter gets read the least?


So we have hacked together some very rough mock-ups of what the newsletter headers should be. Guess which part of a newsletter gets read the most?


Before and after design amends to coronavirus newsletter header

While we are at it (and believe me we have more important things to do than this) there is no need for Mayor Rahman / Biggs (Mayor Rahiggs?) to stand in front of a sign with his job title on IN HUGE LETTERS.

A name badge on his shirt would be fine. A very small one.

Why the HUGE job title?

LW has avoided any analysis of Mayor Lutohn’s video as it was just the usual waffle. The text below it sums it up “In the message, he [The Mayor] reminds residents that Tower Hamlets is a strong and resilient community, and that we all need to work together at this difficult time.”

Looks like platitudes are back in fashion.

Other useful coronavirus information sources

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