Wapping Lane shops lead community fightback against coronavirus

Note: Services described below are subject to change without any notice whatsoever as all the shops mentioned have to operate within the constraints of government policy.

Coronavirus. While it is one thing for the government to say nobody can go anywhere or do anything the reality is that people have to live.

Moley was out in Wapping Lane this morning having a mooch around – at a respectable distance from everyone of course – to see what he could find out and pass it on to you.

This is what we do and what we will continue to do.

Wapping Lane chemists – three at a time please!

There was a small queue outside Wapping Lane chemists as the staff have taken a very sensible decision to set a limit of only three people at a time inside.

Only three customers inside Wapping Lane chemists at any one time.

This seems to be working fine although the people queuing outside where maybe a little too close together?

Hussey & Best One delivering to those self-isolating

Another fine example of Wapping’s community working together is Husseys & Best One joining forces to deliver food to those residents who have to self-isolate at home.

Hussey & Best One can deliver meat, vegetables, fruit, dry goods and groceries to your doorstep only – and of course their yummy hot meals. Payment by credit / debit card is needed prior to delivery.

Customers who do ask for bulk supplies like a whole bag of potatoes or onions will get a firm ‘No’ however. That’s right and proper, if everyone was sensible then there would be more than enough to go round.

Husseys & Best One have joined forces to help those self-isolating

Contact Details

T: 0207 488 3686 or 0207 480 6081

E: huss5464wapp@yahoo.co.uk

W: www.husseyswappinglane.co.uk

Cinnamon Coffee Shop

Moley popped in (well, peeked through the window) to Cinnamon to have a chat with the one and only Flo. Cinnamon is taking a slightly different approach and has been encouraging people to still buy their coffee there but to takeaway.

Flo told us that business had not been too bad this morning.

Wapping Helpers Group

Poster in Cinnamon about Wapping Helpers, a group of over 200 local Wapping residents who are volunteering to help ensure that all members of our community are staying safe, healthy and being looked after. If you’re interested in helping please complete this form.

Wapping Helpers

Contact Details

T: 0207 183 0678

E: wappinghelpers@gmail.com

W: bit.ly/wappinghelpers

LW Comment

Cracking work by Husseys & Best One, Cinnamon, Wapping Helpers and the chemists! This is how we will all get through the coronavirus kerfuffle – by working together as a community.

Not complicated really is it?

More on all this later.

We will be providing a more comprehensive information service on Love Wapping soon, we just need to do some geek stuff first!

Pip pip!

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