Not so fast Cllr. Hassell! Government orders investigation into Raines Foundation closure plans

Ouch! The East London Advertiser has broken the news that the government’s Chief Schools Adjudicator has issued Tower Hamlets Council with a formal notice of investigation into the attempt to shut down 300-year-old Raines Foundation School.

A full scale investigation will now be launched.

The surprise announcement is a significant triumph for the SOS Raines campaigners.

And it is a major setback for Mayor Biggs, Cllr. Danny Hassell, Cllr. John Pearce and outgoing Children’s Services Head Debbie Jones who have all championed the closure of Raines with zeal.

According to the ELA the Chief Schools Adjudicator has demanded to see the consultation document used before Mayor Biggs issued last months closure notice, a list of those consulted, justifications for the closure, details of who owns which parts of the school’s sites and details of Oaklands schools.

“The parents deserve to know why the town hall wants to transfer pupils who chose an Anglican faith school to a non-faith school,” ex-footballer Mickey Ambrose, leading the campaign, told the East London Advertiser.

LW Comment

Few will have any sympathy for the current Labour administration as it faces an investigation by Whitehall into the murky dealings which have hidden the facts about Raines Foundation School from plain view.

Amongst other allegations SOS Raines campaigners have alleged that Raines was deliberately run down by the Council so that it would become a failing school – no surprise if it was being run down.

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