Great to see some of our local councillors out and about helping people at a time of crisis

Cllr. Andrew Wood (Independent, Canary Wharf) and Cllr. Ehtasham Haque (Labour, Blackwall & Cubitt Town) were at ASDA on the Isle of Dogs this morning at 6am!

Six o’clock! In the morning! Hardcore!

Andrew and Ehtasham went to help ASDA between 6am and 9am when ASDA are restricting store access to vulnerable people or NHS staff only.

Well done ASDA!

Andrew and Ehtasham asked ASDA if they wanted some help and they said yes so off they went and were outside organising the queue.

“We were able to get some social distancing in place but not enough but we really need people in uniforms to ensure social distancing takes place in supermarket queues,” said Andrew.

Cllr. Wood added that having people in uniform would help stop panic buying and also support checkout staff when they say no to people who want to buy too many items.

Cllr. Peter Golds (Conservative, Island Gardens) was also at ASDA.

“The ASDA staff were brilliant in trying to manage a difficult situation – but some people are dreadful, I saw someone with a basket piled high with potatoes. Far, far more than any family would need.”

Cllr. Golds wonders if an order can be made to legally permit supermarkets and shops in restricting purchases? Problem is of course in enforcing this.

Moley was out and about in Co-op Poplar this morning and there was very little food to be had.

Poplar Co-op at 10am today.

And last but not in any way least Cllr. Rabina Khan (Lib Dem, Shadwell) has been zooming around helping her people. This tweet sums it all up really.

Well done to Rabina, Andrew, Ehtasham and Peter!
Has your ward councillor been out helping your community? If so let us know!

And of course if you are a councillor who is doing what needs to be done then tag us in a tweet when you are doing it!

Even if you are not a councillor you can do stuff!

In Wapping one Dominic Buxton has been out and about ensuring the CEO of LBTH Will Tuckley and the Mayor John Biggs don’t forget that between them they have managed to create mountains of rubbish across the borough.

You probably have one right outside your window.

Good job there is not a pandemi… oh! There is!

Dom – who is a Lib Dem supporter – wrote a very polite letter to Will Tuckley. Far more polite than anything Mole would have written!

Letter to Will Tuckley

Mr D has also been busy doing other Wapping things.

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