Epic social distancing fail in Burdett Road shows we can all do a lot better

It’s tricky to work out which part of ‘social distancing’ people do not understand.

I mean there is even a government guide ffs.

But the people forming an orderly and good-natured queue outside Lidl in Burdett Road yesterday completely failed to abide to the government guidelines which will help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Come on guys! You can do better! Just keep your distance.

We are British remember, so when did we start getting so familiar with total strangers? During the days of the Empire there were probably several laws against it!

We all have to shop and the Lidl staff at the door were doing a very good job, but we all need to think about what we are doing.

Pip pip!

Free coronavirus public health advice graphics courtesy of the Government of Ireland.

Please download,  print and distribute.

Protect each other – play apart.


Protect each other – shop apart.


Protect each other – sit apart.


Protect each other – stand apart.


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