Directory of East London Coronavirus Mutual Aid Groups

Directory of East London Coronavirus Mutual Aid Groups

Anyhow below is a list of East London Coronavirus Mutual Aid Groups that we have found today. Information below is taken from a variety of sources, all the links work at the time of initial publication (24 March 2020).

No doubt we have missed lots so let us know!

For any group we need to know:

  • Name of group
  • Ward & Borough – if smaller than ward then postal code please
  • Web / Facebook / WhatsApp link

Please email us with your details.

Tower Hamlets Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Tower Hamlets Advice Services

  • Real is a user-led organisation of disabled people supporting people across Tower Hamlets. They work with anyone older or disabled who may need more information and advice on a variety of issues, including how to access community support.

City of London Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

City of London Covid 19 Mutual Aid – Website

Newham Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Hackney Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Waltham Forest Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Leyton Ward Covid 19 Mutual Aid

Southwark Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Pan-London Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK is “a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK.” They have a Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group listings page but it is very tricky to use and has quite a few broken links. Still worth a visit.

Don’t worry about GDPR issues

Keep reading comments from people who want to do good coronavirus mutual aid group things but hesitate because they are worried about breaking GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care and MP for West Suffolk.

“Public information: GDPR does not inhibit use of data for coronavirus response. GDPR has a clause excepting work in the overwhelming public interest. No one should constrain work on responding to coronavirus due to data protection laws. We are all having to give up some of our liberties; rights under GDPR have always been balanced against other public interests.”


So you can stop worrying about GDPR and just get on with what you are doing. Good luck!

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