Crooks clean up as coronavirus sanitiser selfishness rocks Town Hall

This just in! The coronavirus pandemic global armageddon meltdown panic-o-rama has taken a sinister turn as it seems staff at Tower Hamlets Council town hall are nicking borrowing for safekeeping the sanitiser from the dispensers which is meant for everyone.

Seems staff are taking advantage of the free sanitiser stations to fill up their own bottles.

Facilities Management are on the case and are determined to catch the person who has stolen is looking after a 5 litre bottle of sanitiser for safe keeping. This email has been sent to all staff.

Message from Facilities Management

“Please be advised that we are in the process of installing Sanitisers to key areas across all the floors for the benefit of all staff.   As we are progressing we have already noticed that staff are filling their own bottles from our dispensers, additionally a 5 litre bottle of sanitisers has been stolen from the cleaners whilst they are in the process of filling the units.

Filling of your own dispensers is not in the spirit of what we are aiming to achieve and removes the benefit of sanitiser from other members of staff compromising the health and safety of our workforce and your colleagues.

Sanitiser is in short supply and we cannot guarantee supplies at the current usage.

In regards to the theft of the 5 litre bottle of sanitiser this could result in Disciplinary action if the culprit is identified, if however you were keeping it safe for Facilities Management then please return it to us at your earliest convenience.  We will continue to search the floors in order to repatriate the fluid.”

Rumours that LBTH will soon be launching a consultation entitled “How would you like to improve coronavirus outbreaks in your area?” are absolutely true.

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