Cops & Council close Victoria Park until further notice

This statement from the Mayor about the closure of Victoria Park was to be found half way down the daily #coronavirus bulletin from Tower Hamlets Council. We missed it first time round.

“In order to ensure community safety, following the failure of some visitors to follow social distancing guidance, the council and local police have taken the joint decision to close Victoria Park until further notice.

Other parks in the borough remain open for exercise, such as a run, walk or cycle, alone

At this stage, other parks in the borough remain open for one form of daily exercise, such as a run, walk or cycle, alone or with other people you live with.

You must stay two metres away from other visitors at all times. And don’t forget to wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Remember: playgrounds, outdoor gyms, skate parks and tennis courts must not be used at any time.”

LW Comment

This is nuts. Where are the thousands of law-abiding families who are cooped up in their flats supposed to take their once daily exercise now?

Will they only be allowed to walk along the road next to Victoria Park?

Just how many is “some visitors” who failed to follow social distancing guidance? 3? 10? 50?

Who will enforce this? Hopefully not the Metropolitan Police who have better things to do than run round Vicky Park telling idiots to go home.

Will the previously invisible Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs) now be deployed?

What if everyone who used to go to Victoria Park now goes to the next available park? Will that then be closed down?

We all have a long way to go in this crisis and this is not a good first move. No surprise that Tower Hamlets Council made this decision, very surprised MPS Tower Hamlets and Hackney went along with it. We thought they were the adults.

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