Brand new Wapping Gardens children’s playground fails safety test

After a hard days burrowing the Wapping Mole likes nothing better than having a swing with the foxes in the children’s playground in Wapping Garden. OK, he may be slightly over the maximum age but so are the foxes.

Moley was disappointed that a complete revamp of the playground equipment would mean its closure for a while but looked forward to the prospect of extra-smooth swinging.

Artists Bangladeshi children free impression of Wapping Gardens playground

He waited patiently for the work to be done. Then he waited some more. It seemed to His Moleyness that the work on the playground had been completed a week or two back but it was still closed.


Moley asked the Council when it might open but received no answer – always a reliable sign that something somewhere has been fouled up and Council is too embarrassed to fess up.

Wapping Gardens playground as it currently is – totally free of all children of any ethnicity

Playground fails initial safety test

But after some deep digging Moley has discovered that the new equipment in Wapping Gardens playground failed its initial safety tests and so the playground will remain shut while this is done.

Mole’s reaction to uncovering this news was “If the equipment fails its safety inspection when it is brand new and never been used by Wapping’s youngest and most energetic how safe will it be in six months? Or six weeks?”

It should be remembered that Tower Hamlets Council has a grim track record in this area after the death of five-year-old Alexia Walenkaki in Mile End Park in July 2015.

Children’s playground is not just for kids

The wonderful green spaces in our borough are loved by all. They need to be treated with respect by those charged with their upkeep.

Wapping Gardens Children’s playground is not just for kids, it provides a brief respite for busy parents who can meet other E1W parents of all nationalities. It is just a great community resource.

Ward councillor Abdal Ullah showed his usual level of interest in Wapping (none unless there is a photo opportunity or a vote to be had) by tweeting this on 4th March, blithely unaware that the new equipment in Wapping Gardens children’s playground had failed its safety test.

Mole assumes he was unaware because if he was aware he would have informed Wapping residents of the situation.

Mole has no knowledge of when the children’s playground will be fit to use so while he waits will have to do some extra deep digging.

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