Borough police urge public places of worship to close to stop spread of coronavirus – right now

East London Mosque

Acting Basic Command Unit (BCU) Commander Martin Rolston is urging any public places of worship that are still open to now close.

If this does not happen the police have the authority to close mosques, churches, synagogues or any other place of worship and it is clear they will use these powers.

Hard realities of coronavirus battle

Places of worship have to close to stop the spread of coronavirus. This is one of the hard realities we are all having to deal with.

Full text of the message from Commander Rolston

25th March 2020

St. Peters London Dock, Wapping

“First and foremost I will like to thank you all for taking the initiative to close your public place of worship before the new measures introduced by the PM Boris Johnson.

I understand it can’t have been an easy decision to have been made but one none the less for the greater good of yourselves, the community of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, London and the rest of the country.

If you are a public place of worship and still remain open I urge you to close, to fall in line with the government guidelines introduced by the PM Boris Johnson.

If not, we will have no choice but to use our legislative powers to close you down and be duty bound to report you to the charity commission.

This is a path which we really don’t want to go down as places of worship are a strong pillar of the community and play a vital partnership with us but in these difficult circumstances we must do what we can to reduce the risk of the coronavirus and save lives in the community.

I hope you understand our policy and decision behind this as this for the greater good of the community.”

Kindest Regards,
Acting BCU Commander – Martin Rolston

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