When was corruption first suspected? Internal emails reveal allegations made to Tower Hamlets CEO in 2011

Some more revelations from the Poplar Papers to start your day. Below are screen grabs of internal emails at Tower Hamlets Council from 2011 relating to allegations made by an anonymous whistleblower that Labour councillors were ‘involved in the creation of posts and the recruitment to these posts of friends and family in the Youth and Connexions service’, now known as the Youth Service.

The email is addressed to Kevan Collins who was the Tower Hamlets Council Chief Executive from 2009 – July 2011.

You can see who the Labour councillors were at the time by checking the results of the Local Elections – Thursday, 6th May, 2010 on the Council website. However it should be remembered that the whistleblower allegations may date back to before 2010.

We don’t (yet) know.

Redactions (the bits in black) are at the direction of the Employment Tribunal judge, red underlines are at the direction of the Wapping Mole.

LW Comment

2011. Why has it taken nearly a decade for these allegations to come into the public domain? And what else is still hidden?

We are currently trying to establish a timeline of what people did (or did not do) to make it easier for us all to understand the full gravity of the contents of the Poplar Papers but will bring you extracts from the document as and when we can.

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