Wapping Bus Gate petition to be heard at Council tonight Wednesday 15 January

Gina Hayden’s petition to Tower Hamlets Council to allow vehicles and taxis access through the Wapping Bus Gate during operating times will be heard at the Town Hall tonight Wednesday, 15th January, 2020 7pm.

Opposition Councillors have tabled two rather good motions, one about changing the council housing system to make it fairer for homeless people and another about restoring faith in elected politicians.

No, seriously. Details of both motions below.

Artists impression of a non-representative range of comments.

Turn up early to get a seat

It’s easy to sign an online petition ‘cos you only have to lift a finger (or two) but to fully engage with the democratic process you need to get off the sofa and come along to Council to see how the democratic process works.

Meeting is at 7pm but Wapping residents will need to turn up early to get a seat in the public gallery – 6.30 is good, 6 is better. There is another petition being heard that means there will be a lot of people attending.

Wapping Bus Gate petition

This is the full wording of the Wapping Bus Gate petition. You can find the full document here (PDF).

“5.2 Petition regarding Residents vehicles and Taxis access through the Wapping Bus Gate during operating times submitted by Gina Hayden and others.

We the undersigned petition the council to make Wapping residents’ vehicles and taxis exempt during the operating times of the bus gate in Wapping. Currently only buses and bicycles will be exempt during operating times (weekdays 5.30am – 10.30am and 4pm – 7pm). However, this decision by the Council severely restricts the movement and access of Wapping residents at peak times to and from work and schools. The Council’s decision to make only buses and bicycles exempt from moving freely through Wapping furthermore ignores and contradicts the findings of the consultation report (Document Reference: 5318 Date 15.05.19) whose findings clearly indicate that 68% of Wapping residents and 52 – 74% of total respondents are in favour of residents’ vehicles and taxis being exempt from the bus gate during operating times.”

In addition to this petition there are also two motions by opposition Councillors which are worthy of support.

Great work by Gina Hayden in getting this petition organised.

Changing the one offer permanent home policy

Cllr. Rabina Khan (Liberal Democrat, Shadwell) has tabled a motion regarding housing and homeless Households proposing consulting changing the one offer permanent home policy to make changes for Band 2 applicants which include homeless and overcrowded applicants so that they have access to the same number of offers or at least two offers.

As an ex-homeless (and still not properly housed) person in the borough LW supports Cllr. Khan’s motion 100%.

Motion regarding restoring faith in elected politicians

Cllr. Peter Golds (Conservative, Island Gardens) and Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) have submitted a real corker of a motion which we have already covered here.

Despite the possibly over optimistic motion title the proposals it contains are all needed and needed right now.

The motion is quite detailed with suggestions for checking the accuracy of information that Councillors have provided on their nomination forms and register of interests after they are elected are correct and checking that the register of interests represent economic interests and not just the place of employment.

(Who on earth could this be referring to Moley wonders?)

Council governance should also ensure that the Register of Interests should represent who is paying the salary of any Councillor and the organisation that has signed any contract of employment.

Oh I see! That one! Silly Moley!

(Editors note: Other Councillors taking the mickey are available.)

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