Tower Hamlets Labour Councillor Abdal Ullah – an apology

Cllr. Abdal Ullah

The entire LW editorial team wishes to offer Cllr. Abdal Ullah (Labour, SKD & Wapping) an apology.

Last week we published this story concerning the number of Members Enquiries (MEs) each of our councillors had raised on behalf of ward residents.

LW prides itself on being accurate and this story fell way short of the standards we set ourselves.

People may not like what we publish – but even our critics acknowledge that we get our facts straight.

We therefore offer a heartfelt apology to Cllr. Ullah – which we hope he will accept – because that ME story was wrong.

In the story we asserted that Cllr. Ullah was the only one of all the 44 Tower Hamlets councillors who had not seen fit to raise an ME on behalf of their ward residents during a seven month period (1 June 2019 – 31 December 2019).

We know that one simple number is not an absolute indicator of how good a councillor is, but we do think it is a reasonably accurate indicator.

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Sorry Abdal – we got it wrong

Cllr. Sabina Akhtar

So we just want to say sorry Abdal, we were wrong.

Because Cllr. Sabina Akhtar did not submit any MEs either! Not one. Zero. Nil. Nada. Null points.

So you both share the dubious distinction of not doing much for your councillors allowance!

Somehow we missed her name on the original response because, like Cllr. Ullah’s name, it was not there. Because the council data says neither of your submitted an ME in seven months.

You can see the (updated) data here.

Impressive Brexit knowledge

Cllr. Akhtar (Labour, Stepney Green) is also Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts and Brexit.

Impressive to know that during the seven whole months of the survey period, when the UK was being ripped apart by the conflicting views of Brexit, not one of her residents had a Brexit question for her that she did not immediately know the answer to.

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