Mirror, mirror on the wall – who is the most bone idle Tower Hamlets Councillor of them all?

Cllr. Abdal Ullah

OK, it’s a low bar but the latest data on how many Members Enquiries (MEs) each of the borough’s councillors raise is revealing nevertheless.

Either one of our readers may remember that we published How busy has your ward councillor been? which revealed how many MEs each of our elected members raised between 1 May 2018 to 31 May 2019.

This proved so popular (both our readers saw it) that a resident asked Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) if he would raise a ME to find out the latest data please?

Always happy to help Cllr. Wood did just that and we can now present the number of MEs raised by Tower Hamlets Councillors between 1 June 2019 and 31 December 2019.

What on earth do you do Cllr. Abdal Ullah?

LW is presenting the results in reverse order for the very simple reason that one Labour councillor’s name did not appear on the ME response – because he had not raised one single ME for a resident in the entire seven months of the survey.

Not one. Zero. Nil. Nada. Null points.

Here’s the original response if you want to check [PDF].

Perfect canvassing material

So we added Cllr. Abdal Ullah anyway to ensure that his level of diligence in taking care of the residents of St. Katharine’s Dock and Wapping ward is on record and that come the next local elections he can use this on his canvassing material. (Oh alright, probably not, but all the other candidates can use it, no need to ask permission.)

To the surprise of no-one yet again Cllr. Marc Francis (Labour, Bow East) generated the most MEs, 423, with Cllr. Rabina Khan (Shadwell, Lib Dem) a close second with 401 enquiries. Well done both. These two ultra busy people were way ahead of Cllr. Sirajul Islam (Bethnal Green, Labour) on 192. Mayor Biggs raised 1,918 MEs which is no surprise ‘cos he is the Mayor.

Members Enquiries raised by Tower Hamlets Councillors 1 June 2019 - 31 December 2019

Members Enquiries raised by Mayor John Biggs for this time period totalled 1,918. This has been excluded from the data table below as it would skew the overall results.
RankNameRoleWardPartyTotal ME Requests
44Akhtar. SabinaCouncillor, Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts and BrexitStepney GreenLabour0
44Ullah, AbdalCouncillorSt Katharine's & WappingLabour0
43Mukit, AbdulCouncillorWeaversLabour1
42Rahman, ZenithCouncillorBromley NorthLabour2
41Jones, DeniseCouncillor, Older People's ChampionSt Katharine's & WappingLabour2
40Miah, HarunCouncillorShadwellAspire4
39Qureshi, LeemaCouncillorSpitalfields & BanglatownLabour6
38Alam, SufiaCouncillorPoplarLabour6
37Hossain, Mohammed AhbabCouncillorBethnal GreenLabour11
36Pappu, Mohammed IqbalCouncillorBlackwall & Cubitt TownLabour16
35Uddin, HelalCouncillorBromley SouthLabour17
34Uz-Zaman, MotinCouncillor, Cabinet Member for Work and Economic Growth)Stepney GreenLabour23
33Ameen, Shah SuhelCouncillorWhitechapelLabour27
32Ahmed, RajibCouncillorLansburyLabour27
31Haque, EhtashamCouncillorBlackwall & Cubitt TownLabour29
30Ahmed, Faroque MahfuzCouncillorWhitechapelLabour29
29Obaze, VictoriaCouncillor, Speaker of the CouncilWhitechapelLabour33
28Perry, Kyrsten DanielleCouncillor, Mayor's cycling and pedestrian championCanary WharfLabour35
27Salva Macallan, GabrielaCouncillorSt Peter'sLabour37
26Ali, AminaCouncillor, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and WellbeingBow EastLabour38
25Islam, AsmaCouncillor, Mayoral Advisor for the Community and Voluntary SectorMile EndLabour40
24Pierce, JohnCouncillorWeaversLabour43
23White, BexCouncillorLansburyLabour44
22Bustin, MufeedahCouncillor, Mayoral Advisor for Tackling Poverty and InequalitiesIsland GardensLabour46
21Hassell, DannyCouncillor, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young PeopleBromley SouthLabour48
20Brady, KevinCouncillorSt Peter'sLabour51
19Khan, Tarik AhmedCouncillorSt Peter'sLabour60
18Miah , AyasCouncillorSt Dunstan'sLabour61
17Ronald, CandidaCouncillor, Cabinet Member for Resources and the Voluntary Sector.Blackwall & Cubitt TownLabour65
16McQuillan, EveCouncillor, Mayoral Advisor for Tackling Poverty & InequalityBethnal GreenLabour66
15Chowdhury, KaharCouncillorLansburyLabour67
14Tomlinson, DanCouncillor, Mayoral Advisor for Highways and Public RealmBromley NorthLabour70
13Begum, AsmaCouncillor, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety and EqualitiesBow WestLabour71
12King, JamesCouncillorLimehouseLabour72
11Edgar, DavidCouncillor,Cabinet Member for EnvironmentMile EndLabour80
10Golds, PeterCouncillorIsland GardensConservative81
9Chowdhury, Shad UddinCouncillorSpitalfields & BanglatownLabour86
8Wood, AndrewCouncillor (Leader of Conservative Group)Canary WharfConservative97
7Miah, PuruCouncillorMile EndLabour128
6Das, DipaCouncillorSt Dunstan'sLabour131
5Whitehead, ValCouncillorBow WestLabour139
4Blake, RachelCouncillor, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Planning, Air Quality and Tackling PovertyBow EastLabour140
3Islam, SirajulCouncillor, Statutory Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for HousingBethnal GreenLabour192
2Khan, RabinaCouncillorShadwellLiberal Democrat401
1Francis, MarcCouncillorBow EastLabour423

Note: This data table was updated on 26 January 2020 to include the data for Cllr. Sabina Akhtar (Labour, Stepney Green) which we originally omitted. We apologise for the error.

LW Comment

LW presented the previous ME survey as only an indicator of how busy each Tower Hamlets councillor was. The stunningly abject performance of Cllr. Abdal Ullah in not once asking the council a question on behalf of any of ‘his’ residents in eight months shows that the ME survey is more than an indicator.

It is bang on.

And remember Cllr. Ullah gets paid to do this. Or not do this depending on how you look at it.

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6 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall – who is the most bone idle Tower Hamlets Councillor of them all?

  1. Maybe hes too busy telling officers that hes going to be the next Mayor and theyd better do things that he asks for directly …

  2. Councillor enquiries are a means of formally logging issues with the council, but are not the only way of doing this. Picking up the phone and calling a service on behalf of constituents cannot be recorded, likewise raising issues directly with external agencies. Also, each ward is different, those with a high density of social housing will always have higher levels of case work. More affluent areas have less social needs and not as likely to contact their councillors. Also senior councillors have people doing their enquiries for them. As for questions at council, this is a selective process, even if you submit a question there may not be time to include it, or it may be considered controversial etc. A lot of variables none of which have been touched upon at all.

    1. All good points although from a statistical view there is so much variance between Cllr Ullah in Wapping and Cllr Khan in Shadwell (which neighbour each other) that even taking into account some of your observations the data and the conclusion is still valid.

      Many residents will also tell you that the data supports the reality of Cllr. Ullah – quite happy to line them up and interview them for the record if you like?

      1. A good laugh. Cheers LW. You left me questioning how does Cllr Ullah get more things done then Cllr Denise but yet she has MEs ?
        And I’m pretty sure other borough Cllr are raising issue such as my cat can’t get access to the garden due to the grass not being trimmed. Wapping residents are more of a community which get Cllr involved with real issues such as maintaining the peace and respect for the community #CommunityWatch. Anyways glad to see not all Cllr are after the fame. Some do it without trying to be recognised ?? Carry on doing you Cllr Ullah

        1. ‘Some do it without trying to be recognised?’ Abdal Ullah? Seriously? He who took the opportunity of a funeral to get a selfie with Tony Blair? ‘… glad to see not all Cllr are after the fame’ What? So all the other Councillors, especially people like Cllr, Marc Francis, are generating Members Enquiries as a way to promote themselves? This has to be one of the most inane comments ever approved on Love Wapping.

          Can someone tell Cllr. Abdal Ullah that when he asks his mates to post comments bigging him up that he might want to vet their proposed views before they post them to stop it looking so blindingly obvious that these are not genuine views by residents but a desperate attempt to salvage what remains of his reputation?

    2. Caleb,
      We have been told as Councillors by the Councils monitoring officer not to contact officers directly but to route all such enquiries through an online system which is where the stats come from.
      Only the Mayor should have help with his enquiries I am not aware of other Councillors getting help except perhaps by a political group assistant (paid for by the Council), Labour have 1 person in that role to support 41 Councillors, we have 1 person, 1 day a week, but I will ask.
      I think there is an element of truth that social housing / housing assocation properties do generate a higher volume of enquiries then private housing but Wapping does also have a lot of estates and the proportion is similar to other wards whose Councillors raise a lot more members enquiries.
      Cllr Andrew Wood
      Canary Wharf ward

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