Deafening silence surrounds housing allegations against Apsana Begum MP

Silence. For some odd reason there not one word of information emanating from Tower Hamlets CEO Will Tuckley – or anyone else in Tower Hamlets Council – as to the status of the allegations of there being something rather odd with the social housing arrangements of the new MP for Poplar & Limehouse Apsana Begum.

Apsana Begum MP

LW has repeatedly asked the Council and Ms. Begum for an update as to the investigation but we have been told nothing.

Indeed Ms. Begum has previously said that there was no investigation, which would be problematic in terms of clearing her good name.

We do have it on good authority that there is an investigation. But that’s about it.

Announcement this week?

However Mole has been digging away and he thinks there may be some announcement on the investigation this week. We shall see.

Mole also heard that at the interfaith memorial service to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at Sandys Row Synagogue yesterday Mayor Biggs seemed to physically distance himself from Ms. Begum. Odd that.

A brief look at the Twitter timeline of @ApsanaBegumMP shows that she is an enthusiastic supporter of the Jewish community.

There again it could be argued that with her previous track record with social media that the sentiment behind any of her tweets should be taken with a pinch of salt.

If there are any developments as to the probity of the Member for Poplar & Limehouse we will bring it to you as soon as possible.

Pip pip!

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