Dodgy Apsana Begum dodges scrutiny as she fails to attend Poplar & Limehouse hustings

Shock news tonight from the Poplar and Limehouse General Election hustings as Apsana Begum failed to appear! Tower Hamlets Momentum members were immediately despatched to the every corner of the borough to see where she was and check on the welfare of their candidate.

We joke of course.

Yesterday Moley was told by a very reliable source that Apsana Begum was going to pull a sickie tonight – and our source was correct.

And by sickie we mean ‘scared to face questions from the people she wants to represent in the House of Commons on a salary of £80,000’.

Seems Apsana did say she would be attending the hustings but there was no apology from her, no explanation and she did not send a substitute.

Five parliamentary candidates (and representatives) who understand the concept of scrutiny. Left to right Elaine Bagshaw , Catherine Cui, Andy Erlam, Neil Jameson, Sheun Oke. Mark Slankard chairing.

The candidates who did feel well enough to turn up were:

Many thanks to them for this, Moley is sure you all answered all the questions asked.

Because you were there. Unlike the candidate who was not there. The Labour Momentum candidate.

You would think after all the kerfuffle Momentum went to in order to ‘ensure’ Apsana Begum was duly selected from a One Woman Shortlist of, er, one, that somebody would have bothered to give her a call this afternoon and remind her of tonight’s hustings?

The Poplar and Limehouse hustings were organised by the Limehouse Community Forum and held at the Limehouse Basin Cruising Association on Monday 9th December. Chair was Mark Slankard. A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to organise this and the Labour Momentum candidate could not be arsed to turn up.

And by ‘arsed to turn up’ we of course mean very, very ill.

Anyone checked Royal London A & E? What about the air ambulance?

Talking of chairs here is the chair that Apsana Begum should have been sitting in.

An empty chair.

Any chair would do

OK, as chairs go it is not exactly luxurious, certainly not an executive chair like what executives sit in.

But it is a chair. Four legs, a bit at the back and a bit to sit on. It would have done. None of the other potential MPs seemed bothered. Maybe they have more sitting experience than Ms. Begum? Anything is possible.

Apsana Begum – a new kind of politics? Yeah right.

Was Apsana dodging any specific questions?

Apsana Begum’s dodging voters questions might well be to do with her recent appearance at the Isle of Dogs hustings on 4th December when on being questioned about her social housing history she said “I needed housing.”

Like the other 19,000 people on the Tower Hamlets waiting list for a council tenancy.

Apsana also reportedly said “I was in particular circumstances and have requested press outlets that have asked me (about this) to respect the privacy of the context in which I was housed.”

Particular circumstances? What context? What does that mean? Anyone know?

Apsana also said: “I have done nothing wrong. I’ve not been informed of any investigation.”

Maybe not but Moley knows for a fact that two separate complaints relating to her social housing history have been made to Tower Hamlets Council. Just ask Apsana, just ask!

Like the social housing question?

And if there really is no investigation how will Apsana clear her good name? These allegations that she somehow jumped right to the front of the housing waiting list could haunt her forever.

To be fair we did ask the Council and they said “The council takes housing fraud very seriously. It would be inappropriate for us to comment on any specific allegations, but the public can be confident that any concerns are investigated by an experienced team in line with our procedures.”

In reality few people believe that the Council investigates anything properly, but that’s another matter.

Rebuilding trust

The East London Advertiser also reported three days ago that Rushanara Ali, the incumbent Labour MP for Bethnal Green who is seeking re-election suggested that Apsana Begum should work to “rebuild trust” in the community.

Rebuilding trust assumes that Ms. Begum ever had the community’s trust in the first place of course, but hey we know what Rushanara means.

Fit enough to tweet

Whatever the nature of Apsana Begum’s illness it must have struck very suddenly ‘cos she tweeted this today at 11.26 am.

Mole is baffled as to why Apsana Begum’s sudden supporter and new best friend Cllr. Abdal Ullah is not in this photo. Maybe he was behind the camera?

Apsana also tweeted this at 4.16 pm, less than two hours before the Limehouse hustings started.

Respect the context

Bottom line is that we should all know our place and not question Apsana Begum about anything, just ‘respect the context’.  Wonder if the House of Commons works on the same principle?


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