Council to ‘discuss’ Victoria Park One o’Clock Club closure Tuesday 17th Dec

The fate of the Victoria Park One o’Clock Club will be discussed at a meeting of the Children and Education Scrutiny Sub-Committee on Tuesday, 17th December, 2019 at 6.30 p.m.

And by fate we mean closure.

There is however a petition to stop the closure which you can sign: Keep the One O’Clock Club in Victoria Park OPEN

Readers may remember that the same people who are closing the Victoria Park One O’Clock Club are the same people who in May 2018 said it was not being closed. 

Odd that. And the Biggs administration wonders why anything it says is not believed.

Debbie Jones, Corporate Director, Children and Culture, will be presenting the report which states:

“This is a report containing information about the decision to close the Victoria Park One o’Clock Club” and that “there are no alternative options” to its closure.

You can find all the related documentation for the Children and Education Scrutiny Sub-Committee on the LBTH site.

So if interested residents and carers would like to go along please do, probably best to turn up early.

Update 17 December 2019

This is a fascinating guest post from Bow East Councillor Marc Francis on the Our Bow site which reveals all sorts of interesting things which LBTH would really much prefer you did not know.


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