Wapping Liveable Streets proposals to include pedestrian crossing outside station

As the Wapping Bus Gate nonsense rumbles on details have been published of proposals to improve Wapping as part of the Council’s Liveable Streets scheme which will include a pedestrian crossing outside Wapping Overground Station.

You are invited to submit your views to the Liveable Streets people here before 16th December and there will be two drop-in sessions, details below.

The proposals are the result of previous consultation work with residents who completed a survey and attended workshops.

With one (or two) exceptions the plans make a huge amount of sense and will probably be welcomed by many residents.

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Wapping Station pedestrian crossing

A highlight is for a pedestrian crossing outside Wapping Station – good to know that we do not have to wait for someone to be run over before we get a proper crossing.

Other improvements include but are not limited to wider pavements and dropped kerbs to make it easier to get around the area; Lilley Close closed near the junction of Hellings Street to create a safer environment for pupils at Hermitage School; widening the footways around the entrance to St Peter’s London Docks Primary School to reduce speeding and improve the crossing; a new crossing on Glamis Road; better access to the canal path from Redmead Lane; improved lighting near Wapping Woods and making Pennington Street one-way from Virginia Street to Artichoke Hill in direct response to residents concerns and a recent petition to the Council.

ASB magnet

The only turkey in our humble opinion is the suggestion that the area east of Wapping Lane opposite Wapping Green should be converted into a pocket park with lots of seating.

Seriously? Don’t think so.

Not sure when the project team visited but this small area is a magnet for every ASB thug and lowlife in the area because it is setback from the road and they can hang out, smoke drugs, drink alcohol and look tough, so denying it for use by ordinary people.

If there has to be seating a couple of ordinary benches nearer the road would be better and the ‘pocket park’ area opened up to reflect what it actually is – a busy cut through from Wapping Lane. If it used as a pathway then make it look like a pathway with nowhere for the ASB idiots to congregate.

Wapping Lane shops

It is good to see many improvements suggested for the parade of shops in Wapping Lane including making the pavements wider and removal of railing so shoppers can walk along them without saying ‘excuse me!’ every ten seconds.

Problem is that Wapping Lane suffers from the delivery vehicles that get goods to the shops parking up and so narrowing the road combined with people parking there as they pop into the chemists or post office or Husseys.

Hermitage Wall

This is now so bad that LW has frequently seen cars being parked not just on the pedestrian crossing zig zags but on the pedestrian crossing itself. (We do not have photos at the moment but will get some.) There is little or no enforcement of traffic laws here so people get away with.

Bollards? Yes please!

If the pavement railings are removed and the pavements widened then a lot of these vehicles will simply park on the pavement. Sounds like a perfect excuse for some lovely bollards!

Pennington Street

Maybe one way to solve this is to convert the ASB magnet space opposite Wapping Green into a drop-off point for goods vehicles? Just an idea.

There are thoughts of great ideas in the Liveable Streets plans so whatever your thoughts please get your views in to the Liveable Streets people here before 16th December and attend the drop-in sessions.

Drop-in session dates

  • Tuesday 3 December, 5pm to 7pm at Step by Step Nursery, Chandler Street
  • Saturday 7 December, 10am to midday at St Peter’s London Docks School, Garnet Street

If you have any questions, you can contact the project team at liveablestreets@towerhamlets.gov.uk

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