Wapping bus gate penalty fine is £130 – but the Council ain’t telling you

LW can reveal that anyone driving through the Wapping bus gate during enforcement hours will be subject to a £130 penalty fine.

Odd thing is that with the bus gate due to start operating on Wednesday Tower Hamlets Council don’t seem to know this.

Or maybe they do but they ain’t telling? Do our local councillors know? They don’t seem to be telling either.

LW went out today to take some photographs of the Wapping bus gate just to remind everyone that it will start operating from 05.30 to 10.30 am and from 4 – 7 pm from Wednesday 13th November.

The bus gate with no gate

Odd thing is that there is a distinct lack of a bus gate at the moment, just some lines on the road. So it would be very easy indeed to drive through the bus gate – ‘cos you can’t see it.

Which might mean that a lot of people get hit with fines. But we could not remember ever reading anything about what the penalty fines would be for driving through the bus gate when we shouldn’t.

So we sent a tweet to the Council asking how much the fines were and they said this:

Huh? Two days to go and the Council doesn’t know what the fines are going to be?

Hilary, Wapping resident and Friend of LW, pointed out that this was daft and got this response:

Intensive research

So some Council officers know. But nobody – especially our local councillors – has seen fit to ask them and tell us.

When Moley got back to his burrow he did some intensive research for all of 20 seconds and found an image of a Tower Hamlets Penalty Notice issued to someone who was caught in the bus lane over in Blackwall.


£130. That is how much you will be fined. One hundred and thirty five pounds. £65 if you pay early, a whopping £195 if you pay late.

Which might explain why the Council is seemingly reluctant to tell you.

A new cash machine in Wapping

Forget traffic reduction. Forget reducing pollution. Forget making our streets safer.

The Wapping bus gate is just a cash machine to try and make up for the vast sums of money Tower Hamlets Council loses every month through its own ineptitude.

And neither the Mayor, our councillors or any of the council officers have the guts to tell us.

Nothing new there then.

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2 thoughts on “Wapping bus gate penalty fine is £130 – but the Council ain’t telling you

  1. As a 32 year old Wapping resident and home owner, I similarly am very supportive of the bus gate and the council here. As we all know, Wapping had become a traffic nightmare, essentially serving as overflow to the Highway, and have become an unsafe place to walk, cycle and drive, with commuters often in a hurry, speeding and causing general congestion and chaos during the morning and evening evening peak travel times.

    I am most grateful for this traffic calming initiative and look forward to living in a cleaner, calmer, safer and more livable neighborhood.

    I certainly do not see this as a new cash machine in Wapping, but indeed if drivers continue to breach the new rule (after the fortnight warning they are provided), I am also supportive of the council fining drivers for doing so, which will raise funds for important projects like – parks, health, schools, etc.

    To the local counsel, keep it up! More livable, walkable, cycleable and friendly neighborhoods are exactly what we need and are looking for. To them, thanks for taking our interests and needs into consideration and for following through with this initiative!

  2. as a 29 year old wapping resident i like the bus gate because it stops polluting diesel and petrol drivers using wapping as a rat run. The result is quieter streets and less harmful air.

    Ignore the taxi lobby, of course they have a vested interest in polluting our streets.

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