Poplar & Limehouse Liberal Democrats candidate Andrew Cregan calls out Apsana Begum

In a video on Twitter Poplar & Limehouse Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate Andrew Cregan has publicly called out Apsana Begum and Tower Hamlets Party.

Mr. Cregan specifically mentions three very recent incidents.

  1. This weeks news that Apsana Begum, Labour candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, is being investigated by Tower Hamlets Council over allegations of social housing fraud
  2. Former Tower Hamlet Labour Party councillor Muhammad Harun being sentenced to 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of social fraud
  3. Calls for Apsana Begum to step down over her involvement with posting an anti-Semitic tweet about Jewish Tory councillor Peter Golds in April last year from the Tower Hamlets Momentum twitter account.

Phew! Good job nobody brought up (4), that business where Apsana Begum was found to have shared a social media post about the Saudi government’s “Zionistic masters”.

Oops – we just did.  

Let’s hope no other allegations about any parliamentary candidates surface before election day. Although to be honest with the number of national media organisations currently investigating various leads in the borough we think something might just pop up.

Maybe even a couple of things.

Oh! Forgot about the Poplar Papers case which is due to resume before the election. Silly us.

Something rotten in the state of the Labour Party?

At the end of the video Mr. Cregan urges voters who are sick and tired of the state of the Labour Party to vote Liberal Democrat in the imminent general election.

Extract from Apsana Begum’s Facebook page (since deleted)

LW Comment

Tower Hamlets Momentum tweet attacking Cllr. Peter Golds.

We really don’t give a stuff who is in power in Tower Hamlets as long as they can do their job running the council properly and aren’t corrupt.

Not much to ask for really, is it?

Well yes it is ‘cos the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is infamous for two things – corruption and poverty. The most political corruption in the UK and the worst  child poverty in the UK.

Do we have to point out the high probability that those two facts might be linked? We do?

It is a refreshing change to see a politician actually stand up and be counted. Well done Andrew Cregan.

LW cannot go so far as saying vote Lib Dem because of the seeming tolerance of bigotry and criminal behaviour in Tower Hamlets Labour Party.

We can say just make sure you vote for any party other than the Labour Party! Nothing to do with policies, everything to do with their abysmal track record.

We now look forward to some of the many decent, honest and hard working members of Tower Hamlets Labour Party standing up to be counted too.

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