Labour Party MP candidate Apsana Begum faces council investigation into social housing

‘Humbled to be selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse’

The Sun newspaper has revealed that Apsana Begum, Labour candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, is facing a council investigation over whether she wrongly secured a £330,000 council flat.

According to the Sun Will Tuckley, CEO of Tower Hamlets Council, has received two complaint’s over the Momentum supporter’s housing arrangements.

Ms. Begum is believed to have applied for a council flat in 2011 when she was living with her parents before moving in with her then partner Ehtasham Haque in 2014.

Mr Haque is now Labour councillor for Blackwall and Cubitt Town.

19,000 on housing waiting list

Within a year she and Cllr. Haque split up and six months later Ms. Begum, a single woman with no children, was offered a one bedroom flat on the Isle of Dogs.

According to the Tower Hamlets Council website “The London-wide housing crisis is acute in Tower Hamlets. There are more than 19,000 on the waiting list for housing but the council can only grant 1800 new tenancies a year at the moment.”

Today’s Sun story

Further allegations

In addition to the social housing allegations The Sun also claims that Ms. Begum is facing unspecified allegations relating to the leaking of a list of Labour Party members.

Abdal Ullah, Labour councillor for Wapping, pictured canvassing with Apsana Begum. Cllr. Ullah is a keen supporter of Ms. Begum.


Response from Tower Hamlets Conservatives

Response from Tower Hamlets Lib Dems

Andrew Cregan – the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Poplar & Limehouse has issued the following statement.

“Poplar & Limehouse residents are already very concerned that the Labour Party has put forward a hard-left candidate whose only experience in politics appears to be as an adviser to Lutfur Rahman, the disgraced and corrupt former Mayor of Tower Hamlets removed from office by the High Court.

But now we hear that Apsana Begum may also be personally involved in corruption, with a probe launched into the extremely suspicious circumstances of how she leapt to the top of an 18,000-strong housing list.

It is illustrative of the complacency of the Labour Party that takes the votes of East Londoners for granted yet fails to deliver for our communities.”

Council housing boost

The UK Labour Party is launching its general election manifesto today which will include a commitment to dramatically boost the amount of council housing.

It is not known if Ms. Begum will be attending the launch.

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5 thoughts on “Labour Party MP candidate Apsana Begum faces council investigation into social housing

  1. Yes, I agree that people should identify themselves, I have never liked this hiding behind assumed names. On the other hand it might be necessary for, in one instance, council employees and other people who might be sacked from their jobs. I heard yesterday that Apsana might have claimed she was disabled or had been the subject of domestic violence to jump the queue, both of which are untrue so definite criminality then.

    1. Just to let you know that the era of people being able to comment on here without identifying themselves is coming to an end. As you are entitled to yours views ‘M’ those who read them are entitled to know who those views are expressed by.

    2. Something is either true or it isn’t. You sound like a Momentum supporter and probably still think Lutfur Rahman was the victim of a diabolical Islamaphobic plot and that Lee Jasper wasn’t involved in making £3.5 million of Londoner’s money disappear.

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