Another attempt to close Children’s Health Visitor Baby clinic in Wapping

“If at first you don’t succeed then try, try and try again” seems to be the motto of Tower Hamlets GP Care Group and Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as they are trying to close down Child Health Clinics at Wapping Group Practice – again.

Correction: LW has been informed that the Tower Hamlets GP Care Group and Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have nothing to do with this planned closure as this service is commissioned from the GP Care Group by Tower Hamlets Council.  

Eagle-eyed resident Tim Boler informs us that after 30 years of having a Children’s Health Visitor (Baby) clinic held in Wapping on a weekly basis the GP Care Group have this week quietly announced that the service will be closed effective the 9th of January 2019.

Well done Tim!

Sign the petition to stop closure of Children’s Health Visitor Baby clinic

Tim has started a petition to Retain the essential Child Health Clinic in Wapping Group Practice which we urge you to sign.

Done that? Good.

When Moley read the petition he started to get a sense of deja vu because this all seemed rather familiar.

Then Moley realised he had written about this exact same thing last year, on 10 December 2018 to be precise: Child Health Clinics Moving from Wapping Health Centre.

So that attempt to close the Wapping Children’s Health Visitor (Baby) clinic must have failed – why?

Traditional festive service snatch

Maybe this is a Christmas tradition that Tower Hamlets GP Care Group and Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group have started? Not exactly a cracker, is it.

Bottom line is that if the Child Health Clinic at Wapping Group Practice is closed then Wapping carers will have to travel to the Ocean’s Children Centre in Stepney or Bigland Children’s Centre.

Getting to the Ocean’s Children Centre will require a 24minute (1.2mile) walk and involve crossing both The Highway (A1203) and the A13 two of the most polluted, heavily trafficked, and dangerous roads for pedestrians in all of Tower Hamlets.

Bigland Children’s Centre is located between Shadwell and Whitechapel and is closer to Whitechapel Overground station than it is to Wapping station.

But, as every Wapping carer knows, there is still no step-free access to the train platforms at Wapping or Whitechapel and as such is out of bounds to new mothers with pushchairs.

Have Wapping residents been consulted?

It seems that this decision to ditch the Child Health Clinic in Wapping appears to have been taken without consulting Wapping residents.

Has anyone else seen any notices about this? If so please get in touch

Contact your Councillor

Residents should also contact our ward councillors, no doubt they will be aware of this situation but have forgotten to tell the rest of us. Oops!

And bring this issue up when a canvasser for a General Election candidate knocks on your door and wants your vote. They will also be happy to help with more information about the Children’s Health Visitor (Baby) clinic closure. If they don’t – then don’t give them your vote.

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