Wapping’s Turks Head Cafe under new management from Monday

The bad news. This weekend will be the last that Giorgia and Ronald will be running the Turks Head Cafe in Green Bank. Wapping. The good news – the Turks Head will be under new management and so will remain open!


And before you ask Cinnamon cafe will remain under its current ownership.

Giorgia and Ronald announced the news in a tweet earlier this week and are asking everyone to come along this Sunday 13th October to say ‘Grazie mille!’ for their hard work and that of their staff.

Or ‘Cheers geezers!’ if one so wishes.

It seems that the new owners of the Turks Head Cafe are all ready to take over the reins of Wapping’s community cafe although their identity remains secret. (Well, sort of.)

The Wapping Mole understands that the new owners are more than familiar with Wapping and it seems almost 100% certain that the Turks will remain the dog friendly place we have all come to know and love.

Baxter after hearing he and all his dog friends will still be welcome at the Turks Head Cafe.

LW is sure that the community will give the new owners all the help and support they can and we all wish them luck in their new venture.

Moley would like to express his own personal thanks to Giorgia and Ronald for their support over the years, he is especially grateful to Ronald for allowing him to steal his electricity to power his ageing laptop – Mole said he was just borrowing the electric but he was lying.

And we should all be grateful to Giorgia for putting up with the weird culinary demands of her eccentric English customers – tea with milk? Whoever heard of such a thing!

See you Sunday! Mine is a triple shot cap – just for a change.

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