Tower Hamlets Labour ex-councillor Mohammed Harun pleads guilty to housing fraud

Former Tower Hamlets Labour ex-councillor Harun Miah has pleaded guilty to housing fraud at magistrates court last week and is due to be sentenced later in the month.

Mohammed Harun

In a media statement Tower Hamlets Council said: “Following an investigation led by the council, former councillor Mohammed Harun pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud at Thames Magistrates Court on Thursday 26 September. A date for sentencing has been set for Thursday October 24 at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

As this is an ongoing legal process, the council will not be making further comment ahead of the sentencing hearing.”

In October 2016 Independent (and former Tower Hamlets First) Cllr. Shahed Ali was jailed for five months after pleading guilty to housing fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Ex-councillor Muhammed Harun resigned in December last year after only being elected in May 2018.

Seems Ex-councillor Muhammed Harun never got the memo from Mayor Biggs reminding his colleagues that his administration would consign the corruption of the Lutfur Rahman administration to the past.


Fortunately all Mayor Biggs other councillors did get the memo.

Well apart from Cllr. Mohammed Pappu (Labour, Blackwall & Cubitt Town) of course who admitted peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Facebook and then issued the longest apology in the history of Tower Hamlets politics – after he got caught out.

Oh and wannabe Labour councillor Asik Rahman did not get the memo either as he was caught out liking hate preachers on Facebook in January this year.

Rahul Amin did not get the ‘you will actually have to do some work’ memo as he resigned as Labour councillor for Shadwell at the end of last year. He was rumoured to be chucking it all in to go to Bangladesh in the hope of enjoying being hailed as a returning hero in a much bigger car than before but is still on the Tower Hamlets political scene.

Every other Labour councillor apart from the above got the ‘don’t be dodgy’, ‘obey the rules’ and the ‘you will actually have to do some work’ memos though.

Apart from Cllr. Puru Miah who was reprimanded by the Electoral Commission (a feat in itself) for failing to comply with political finance laws relating to Tower Hamlets Momentum which is sort of a party within the Labour Party.

Cllr. Puru is a Civil Servant at Thames Magistrates Court so he might well have had time to have a chat with Cllr. Harun when he was doing the confession thing in court!


But apart from Cllr. Muhammed Harun, Cllr. Mohammed Pappu, wannabe Labour councillor Asik Rahman, Cllr. Rahul Amin and Cllr. Puru Miah every other Labour councillor did read all memos about being on their best behaviour and are all being very good indeed.

Hmm…. Moley is sure he has forgotten to mention someone. But who? Never mind!

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