Poplar & Limehouse Liberal Democrats on course to ruin Labour’s election day (sorry Apsana!)

A poll of voting intentions at the next General Election seems to indicate that while Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party are busy ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn’s Jon Lansman’s choice of candidate is carefully positioned to win the Labour selection for candidate the Liberal Democrats have been busy trying to win the election.

Result? Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Poplar & Limehouse Andrew Cregan and his team have made what was previously the unthinkable quite likely – destroying the Labour Party’s historical domination of the east London seat.

A recent prediction of voting intentions in the next General Election gives the Liberal Democrats 31% of the vote up from 7% at the last election.

At the same time Labour’s 67% share has been slashed to 38%.


Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidates: Josh Babarinde for Bethnal Green & Bow (left), and Andrew Cregan for Poplar & Limehouse.
Smiling all the way to the ballot box? Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidates: Josh Babarinde for Bethnal Green & Bow (left), and Andrew Cregan for Poplar & Limehouse.

Liberal Democrats trashing Labour dominance

Here are the detailed numbers courtesy of @flaviblePolitic – other polls are of course available.

Rigged OWS morphs into rigged OWL

Meanwhile Poplar & Limehouse Tower Hamlets Labour have been busy converting their rigged OWS (One Woman Shortlist) into a rigged OWL (One Woman Longlist).

These on the OWL are:

  • Heather Peto – Progress activist and LGBT Labour co-chair
  • Apsana Begum – Local party vice-chair and member of Momentum’s national coordinating group
  • Charlotte Norton – Young Fabians chair and local party women’s officer
  • Asma Begum – Tower Hamlets councillor
  • Suzy Stride – Labour’s 2015 candidate in Harlow
  • Amina Ali – Tower Hamlets councillor and Momentum member

According to the LabourList article TH Labour members are accusing the central party of “stitching up” MP selections. “A number of Poplar and Limehouse members have concluded that the selection is being “stitched up” for Apsana Begum, who is the applicant most supported by the Labour left as a high-profile Momentum activist.

Which seems about right.

Moley has been told that the OWL is made up of two parts, Apsana Begum and some other people carefully chosen to make it more likely that residents will vote for Apsana Begum solely because she is Bangladeshi. No, seriously.

Remember this is Tower Hamlets.

Jon Lansman’s Momentum puppets have created an OWL which consists of two token white women (sorry Charlotte Norton and Suzy Stride), a token LGBT woman (sorry Heather Peto), and a token Somali woman (sorry Amina Ali).

Moley was told that these people were chosen for the OWL not because of their abilities but because they were less likely – according to some in Labour Party HQ – than a Bangladeshi woman to be attractive to voters.

Maybe Cllr. Rachel Blake was excluded from the OWL (sorry Rachel) because she was one token white woman too many irrespective of her abilities.

On reading the LabourList article this morning the only thing that surprised Moley was that Asma Begum (another Bangladeshi woman) was also included in the OWL. Why her?

And Moley will say what any reader will now be thinking (though will no doubt be condemned for it).

Choose on ability not race

The One Woman Longlist seems to have been created solely on the basis of race. Mole could say ‘ethnicity’ or ‘demographic’ or some such politically correct nonsense but there has been enough of dancing around the subject in this borough. This is discrimination isn’t it? Racial discrimination?

Tower Hamlets Momentum would be the first to condemn any other organisation that did this.

All women longlist? Fine. Resetting male domination of so many aspects of our society is to be applauded. But then the choice should be who is the best female candidate to represent residents in Parliament irrespective of her race.

The Labour Party can argue amongst themselves about the wisdom of selecting parliamentary candidates in this manner, but they and Jon Lansman might want to remember that they are not quite as clever as they think they are. How did your cunning plan to get rid of John Watson by abolishing the post of deputy Leader of the Labour Party  work out for you Mr Lansman?

Not politics – just navel gazing

“Apsana forever Comrades! Or until she is no longer useful – whatever.”

Madness that would make Stalin proud. Not sure Marx would have approved though. Tower Hamlets Momentum should allow themselves a few choruses of  ‘the Red Flag’ to congratulate themselves for demonstrating how incestuous their approach to local politics is.


Some political parties think that politics is about serving the people. Surprising huh?

The worse thing about this nonsense is that there are many extremely capable Bangladeshi women who would be exceptional Labour Party candidates to contest the next election. But because these women are not part of the cess pit that is Tower Hamlets politics they did not stand a chance.

So let’s see what happens shall we? Polls are just polls  and the only one that matters is at the ballot box, but it does seem that something momentous (see what I did there? Geddit? No? ) is happening in Poplar & Limehouse.

And if anyone out there does actually know what Apsana Begum has ever done other than being a Labour Party activist let us know will ya? Cos she ain’t telling.

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