Maggie Thatcher would be proud of the property portfolios of Tower Hamlets Labour councillors

Last night at a Development Committee meeting at Tower Hamlets Town Hall two planning applications were discussed, one for City Hotel, 12-20 Osborn Street, E1 6TE and one for 96-98 Bromley High Street, E3 3EG.

Cllr. Zenith Rahman (Labour, Bromley North) has listed this as one of the three properties she and her partner own in her Register of Interests – which is good. She was not in attendance at the meeting.

The application to redevelop 96-98 Bromley High Street, E3 3EG into a block of four flats was made on behalf of Point Home Limited of which it would seem Cllr. Zenith Rahman and her partner and previous Labour councillor for Mile End East Cllr. Helal Rahman are both directors.

The Development Committee meeting decided to grant planning permission ‘with conditions’, probably a site visit.

So far so unexceptional.

Apart from the fact that from the minutes of the meeting it would seem that at no point did anyone present think to mention that 96-98 Bromley High Street, E3 3EG was owned by a serving borough councillor.

Some more sceptical observers of Tower Hamlets council might consider that the right thing to do would be to mention this detail. Just to ensure that our council continues to be a ‘beacon council’ for transparency and openness and all that good stuff.

The Vice Chair of the Development Committee is Labour Cllr. Dan Tomlinson who represents the same ward, Bromley North, as Zenith Rahman.

It would seem that at no point has Cllr. Tomlinson – or any of the other Labour councillors on the committee – been asked round for tea at 96-98 Bromley High Street, E3 3EG by his colleague otherwise the address might have jogged their memory and he would have undoubtedly said something.

There again so many Labour and Aspire councillors have multiple properties that it must be hard to keep track.

For instance Cllr. Motion Uz-Zaman and Development Committe Chair (Labour, Stepney Green) has interests in eight properties:

  • Ashfield Street, London E1 (Parents)
  • Oddette Duval Hse, E1 (Partner)
  • Biscuit House (share)
  • Dunnett Hse, Vernon Rd
  • Derwent Hse, Hamlets Way
  • Steadman Hse, Bow Common Lane (share)
  • St Micheal Court, St Leanord Street (share)
  • Wingram Hse, Wades (share)

Cllr. Harun Miah (Shadwell, Aspire) has five properties declared:

  • 53 Solander Gardens, Lowood Street, E1 ODN
  • 23 Solander Gardens, Lowood Street, E1 0DN
  • 50 Solander Gardens, Lowood Street, E1 0DN
  • 135 Chapman Street, E1 2NP
  • 106 Watney Street, London E1 2QE

And Cllr. Ayas Miah (Labour, St, Dunstan’s) also has five properties declared:

  • 43 Purdy Street, E3 3PD
  • 91 Brabazon Street, E14 6BL
  • 78 Ben Jonson Road, E1 3NN
  • 53 Ricardo Street, E14 6EQ
  • 77 Fairfoot Road, E3

Trawling through the Register of Interest to get the above info we noticed something of possible interest. A  minor or important detail. We will check it out and report back.

Pip pip!

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