Love Wapping Labour candidate MP selection story – statement from Cllr Puru Miah

Many thanks to Cllr. Puru Miah (Labour, Mile End) who sent LW a statement late last night in response to this story regarding the Tower Hamlets Labour Party Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) selection process for the Poplar and Limehouse constituency.

Cllr. Miah’s statement is reproduced below in its entirety.

LW should clarify that although Cllr. Miah’s statement makes reference to the timing of the article its publication date was only determined by our desire to not have to report on the incestuous festering mess created by Tower Hamlets Labour Party that is being passed off as a democratic process any longer than we have to.

Voting by the Constituency Labour Party takes place today, Sunday 27th October 2019.

Statement from Puru Miah with regards to Love Wapping Article

Screen grab of alleged messages from Puru Miah in BAME for Amina Ali group

“The love wapping article has a screenshot without context.

The context is that I wanted to take a neutral position. The terming boxing off used was that I was gonna give a holding position to my members as per face book post and consult.

Members received a text message (boxing off) , asking them to call me if they had questions or concerns about the selection process.

In the meantime access was provided to both candidates to members.

I was under pressure from both sides to publicly endorse.

However after seeing members receiving threats from people close to the Amina Ali campiagn [sic] and also my self receiving threats on my phone and social media account.

I decided not to adopt a position of neutrality and back and campiagn openly for Apsana Begum.

Both Amina and Apsana are Momentum members.

But it’s the behaviour of people in Amina’s campiagn that made me publicly come out for Apsana.

The timing of this article shows that these individuals are on a sinking ship, in particular a councillor with psychopathic tendency. And are trying to drag me in such ship.

The change or position from neutrality to active campiagn for Apsana Begum was done in consultation with Mile End members. And it’s a decision we are proud of.

Cllr Puru Miah

Mile End”

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