Labour councillor Tarik Khan has new job at Office of National Statistics. Or is it Canary Wharf?

Oh hang on a minute.

Cllr. Tarik Khan

In his previous news item about Cllr. Harun Miah, Moley completely forgot to make any mention of Labour Cllr. Tarik Khan (St Peter’s) and his partner Labour Cllr. Asma Begum (Bow West) and that odd thing with the South London Procurement Network in their Register of Interests.

LW would like to formally apologise for this oversight.

Naughty Mole!

Odd that we forgot because LW has written quite a few stories about Cllr. Tarik and Cllr. Asma which led us to make a formal complaint to the Council because we just felt something was not quite right somewhere.

Cllr. Asma is Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Equalities by the way.

Nothing to investigate

For some odd reason Tower Hamlets Council “found the complaint did not merit a formal investigation’ and that ‘there is no issue to report to the police and we are not aware that anyone has made a report.’

Cllr. Asma Begum

The Local Government Ombudsman could not do anything either as the complaint we made to them that Asmat Hussain, Director for Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer, failed to carry out a proper investigation into the issues raised by the Registers of Interest of Cllr. Tarik Khan and Cllr. Asma Begum because Moley ‘was not personally affected’.

Moley did report the matter to the police as a breach of the Localism Act 2011. The MPS promptly told him to make a complaint to Tower Hamlets Council.

Exactly. This is Tower Hamlets remember.

Congratulations on your new job Tarik!

There is good news however. At one point Moley was worried that neither Cllr. Tarik Khan or Cllr. Asma Begum were getting enough to eat as neither of them had declared any employment.

So you can imagine our relief when, on checking the Register of Interests for Cllr. Tarik recently we were delighted to see that he has a new job with the Office of National Statistics! Look!

Register of Interests for Cllr. Tarik Khan.

Seems Cllr. Tarik is a bit of a stats geek on the quiet. Who knew, huh?

Odd thing is that we have very reliable information that Cllr. Tarik is still very much employed by Canary Wharf Group Limited.

And there is no way the formal declaration of employment is a mistake by Cllr. Tarik is a mistake because his partner Cllr. Asma also declares he works at the Office of National Statistics.

Register of Interest for Cllr. Asma Begum

Something just does not add up

Even odder is that when Moley contacted the Office of National Statistics this morning they had no record of a Tarik Khan working there. Here’s an unedited record of the web chat.

Screen grab of web chat between ONS and LW this morning.

Just doesn’t add up does it?

So if either Cllr. Tarik or Cllr. Asma would like to get in touch and clarify this we would love to hear from them!

Pip pip!

Note to Mayor Biggs – are you sure your memos are getting circulated properly?

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