Fear of Momentum victory creates endorsement rush for Amina Ali as Poplar & Limehouse PPC

Having been forced to monitor Twitter far more than we can usually be bothered the last few days we noticed the very large volume of endorsements for Cllr. Amina Ali as the Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Poplar & Limehouse.

It might be easier for Amina to just say who isn’t endorsing her.

LW has a funny feeling that the rush to endorse Amina does not have that much to do with her personal or political qualities, although we are sure they are numerous.

It might just be that Labour Party members are sh*t scared of Apsana Begum becoming the Momentum MP for Poplar & Limehouse.


We have heard that Momentum have ‘arranged’ the situation so that Amina is the only option to Apsana because Amina is believed to have been the weakest of the other candidates considered (see here for vague details).

Which sort of makes sense in a Tower Hamlets way.

Anyway if selected let’s hope Amina lasts longer as a Labour PPC than the three days she managed to tough it out in Bradford in 2015.

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