Lutfur Rahman begs to get bank accounts unfrozen, warms to Apsana Begum

Facebook post in support of Apsana Begum by Oliur Rahman.

In the same week that Lutfur Rahman sends a begging letter to the electoral petitioners asking to get his bank accounts unfrozen rumours surface of an electoral deal between Momentum’s Apsana Begum and the tattered remnants of Tower Hamlets First.

In a Facebook post (right) Oliur Rahman explains how, after much thought, he has decided to throw his inconsiderable political weight behind Apsana Begum to become the next Labour MP for Poplar & Limehouse.

“I have been fighting with my conscience for last few days, as I honestly dislike any unfair process but the question was how much influence any particular individual could have over the decision of the NEC (Labour) which is a very broad forum with many Labour officials and representatives. The assertion that any one person can have so much sway is questionable and probably misguided.”

Good point Oli. Totally unlike Lutfur then?

He goes on…

“Why am I supporting Apsana? Well, I had the honour of working with her late father (Mayor/Cllr Manir Uddin Ahmed Sab), who was a fine politician and gentleman. I also had the privilege of working with Apsana in the Council and found her to be a dedicated and competent public servant with excellent understanding of policy making and someone who was rooted in the community. “

How sweet.

Really odd thing is that Oliur Rahman disappeared off the face of the political planet after the trashing Lutfur’s chums got in the local elections and then suddenly he is back.

Pure coincidence that this is at exactly the same time Tower Hamlets Labour Party / Tower Hamlets Momentum are trying to impose their final choice to challenge for the Poplar and Limehouse Labour safe seat.

Well, it was safe in the capable hands of Jim Fitzpatrick. Don’t think it will be next general election.

Lutfur Rahman to be readmitted to Labour Party?

According to the twittersphere the real reason for Oli’s sudden decision to support Apsana (apart from them both being Momentum members, natch) is that a deal has been quietly struck with the Labour Party for Lutfur Rahman to be readmitted to his natural political home if his not inconsiderable influence is thrown behind Apsana.

And they say the bad old days of Tower Hamlets tribal politics are dead, eh?

Begging letter

By pure coincidence it was only a few days ago that Moley came into possession of an email that one Lutfur Rahman sent to the four electoral petitioners pleading to have his bank accounts unfrozen.

No mention of Lutfur using the contents of said chilly bank accounts to reimburse the electoral petitioners the full cost of bringing their private prosecution against the former Mayor to get him kicked out of office though.

Here’s the email.

Plucks the old heart strings, dunnit?

LW has not managed to get in touch with the petitioners for their response to this request at the time of publication but we are taking a wild guess that it might be along the lines of  “Fluck off you cheeky git where’s our cash!”.

Or something with a similar sentiment.

The way they were! A reminder of more glorious days. Sort of.

Lutfur’s ban from standing for electoral office ends in April 2020.

Apsana Begum, who was at one time a PA for Lutfur Rahman and Ohid Ahmed when they were in power,  has never responded to a single tweet LW has sent to her in the past, so we haven’t bothered this time.

Still, at least she has never been caught out making ant-semitic posts on Facebook!

Extract from Apsana Begum’s Facebook page (since deleted)

Oh. She did apologise though.

Odd how politicians always distance themselves from social media posts only after attention is brought to them.

You can find more details of Aspana’s social media activities here: ‘New London Labour official shared “Zionist masters” post – The Red Roar”.

However she is more than welcome to email for her comment on the rumours of an electoral pact with Lutfur Rahman.

Pip pip!

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2 thoughts on “Lutfur Rahman begs to get bank accounts unfrozen, warms to Apsana Begum

  1. Apsana Begin worked for Lutfur Rahman for 4 years at the Town hall. It is surprising that she has never felt the need to comment on those years. Nothing to say? No lessons to learn? No comment to make? Len McClusky of Unite has just written to me to confirm that he is not and never had been a supporter of Lutfur Rahman. The shortlist for Poplar and Limehouse was drawn up by one Jimmy Kelly (Unite) and 2 NEC members (both Unite). Some coincidence. Like John McDonnell, these activists have built a life long political career on demanding a “member-led Labour Party”. What happened? It was obvious who the favoured candidate was weeks before the “selection” (imposition) started. Labour treats Tower Hamlets like a colony.

  2. I see Apsana claims that her being elected would bring a new kind of politics to Tower Hamlets. I sincerely hope that very few electors will be convinced. Most people will know that Lutfur Rahman will be the puppet master.

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