Lutfur Rahman asks for his bank accounts to be unfrozen – Andy Erlam responds

Electoral petitioner Andy Erlam has been kind enough to send LW his response to Lutfur Rahman’s request that his bank accounts be unfrozen which we reported on yesterday.

You might be able to guess Andy’s response but here it is anyway.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please pass on this email to Chief Master Marsh.

Mr. Lutfur Rahman, who was made bankrupt in 2015 by his own application and bankrupt a second time on application by the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Authority has asked for his bank accounts to be unfrozen.

Mr, Rahman owes us in the region of £1.2m in legal fees and further sums to the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Authority.

I therefore object to Mr. Rahman’s bank account bring unfrozen until he settles his debts.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Erlam.

Andy Erlam outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Very restrained.