Shadwell Councillor Rabina Khan to stand as Liberal Democrat MP for Kensington

Shadwell Councillor Rabina Khan has announced she is the Liberal Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate for Kensington in west London.

If successful in her bid to become an MP Cllr. Khan will swap the festering mire that is Tower Hamlets politics for the chamber of the House of Commons at a pivotal time in our nation’s history.

Err… sure you want to do this Rabina?

Cllr. Khan is one of the hardest working councillors in our borough as our recent analysis of the number of Member’s Enquiries (MEs) each has raised for their constituents showed.

Rabina Khan could not hide her sadness at the prospect of leaving Tower Hamlets politics.

There are many parallels between Tower Hamlets in the east of London and Kensington in the west, the main one being the huge disparity between the rich and the poor.

Cllr. Khan has already put her intention to be a voice for those affected by the horror of the Grenfell Fire front and centre in an opinion piece for the Independent and will continue the fight against the madness that is Brexit.

Her opponents in Kensington will be current MP Labour’s Emma Dent Coad (@emmadentcoad) who has a tiny majority of just 20 and the Conservative Brexiteer Felicity Buchan (@FelicityBuchan).

They have our deepest sympathies.

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LW Comment

Notice the recurring yellow theme in these photos?

Unlike many local councillors Cllr. Khan has learned from her past mistakes and moved on. Our political correspondent can personally attest that she has a visceral hatred of the former Mayor which she is far too polite to express in public.

Which is a pity as it would reveal his true nature and so eradicate any remaining support for him in the borough.

There again Moley hears she is not that fond of the current Mayor either!

It is highly likely that Cllr. Khan will become Rabina Khan MP in the not too distant future and escape the political bubble of Tower Hamlets, leaving most Labour Party councillors to devote even more of their time to factionalism and inventing new ways to make it seem they are busy bees while in reality ignoring the needs of their constituents.

Unless the revelations contained within the Poplar Papers smash the arrogance of the current administration and they all have to revert to their day jobs.

If at liberty to do so, natch.

As previously stated LW has had more than one or two disagreements with Cllr. Khan in the past (!) but we have also acknowledged that she has recognised her mistakes and moved on. She should be given credit for this.

It’s a pity the whinging children that are the current Labour councillors cannot do the same.

(Cue twitter whines from Brady, Pierce and the rest. Nothing better to do boys? How about some constituency work for a change?)

The best local councillor to serve Wapping was one Julia Dockerill and the huge gulf between her tireless endeavours and the current ward representatives is plain for any resident to see.

Julia is a pretty sharp cookie and is now Julia Lopez (née Dockerill) Conservative MP for Hornchurch & Upminster.

Seems the smartest and most able councillors think alike.

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