City of London police drop investigation into Tower Hamlets grant fraud

The one thing all investigations into allegations of corruption in Tower Hamlets have in common is that none of them ever charge anyone, let alone put guilty people behind bars.

Grant funding investigation concluded

This pattern continues with an official statement today by the City of London Police who have “concluded an investigation into allegations of misconduct in a public office in relation to the administration of third sector grant funding in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.”

Wait for it! You know what’s coming don’t ya?

Insufficient evidence to prosecute

The statement continues: “After consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it is the decision of the City of London Police that there is insufficient evidence to support criminal proceedings against any individual.”


Andy Erlam outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Electoral petitioner Andy Erlam summed up the feelings of many borough residents: “If the police can’t find corruption in Tower Hamlets council they shouldn’t be police officers!“

Note: Many thanks to Andy for tipping LW off about the this development otherwise we would not have known.

“The conclusion is absolutely ridiculous. Do the people of Tower Hamlets have to do the criminal investigation themselves?” continued an angry Andy.

“The people have been let down by all the authorities: the Met police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Cabinet Office, the so-called Independent Office for Police Conduct.

All of them are a complete shambles! Institutional corruption lies at the bottom of this.”

LW Comment

So. How is your sense of humour holding up? Another police investigation into alleged wrongdoing in Tower Hamlets, another failure to prosecute.

Statement from Mayor John Biggs on City of London police decision.

But do not despair! Borough residents may yet have the last laugh.

It may well be that the breaking story of a continuous thread of corruption that allegedly ran (and quite possibly allegedly still runs) through both the Rahman and Biggs administrations may yet explain why nobody has yet been brought to justice.

Because of a long running cover up.

Which means that the City of London Police, as well as the Metropolitan Police, may yet end up with egg all over their faces and Tower Hamlets residents finally see justice applied fairly.

Never give up!

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