80 firefighters tackled blaze at Olivers Wharf, Wapping High Street

Wapping was full of fire appliances and firefighters yesterday afternoon as London Fire Brigade tackled a fire in a converted warehouse at Olivers Wharf, 64 Wapping High Street.

Emergency vehicles and personnel at the scene of the fire at Olivers Wharf yesterday afternoon.

Twelve fire engines and around 80 firefighters were called to the fire at the block of flats on Wapping High Street next to the Town of Ramsgate pub.

Thanks to the swift work of London Fire Brigade (LFB) only part of a flat on the fifth and sixth floors of Olivers Wharf was damaged by fire.

Two people left the building before the Brigade arrived.

View of the fire at Olivers Wharf from south of the Thames

In a media statement LFB said they were called at 15.16 hours and the fire was under control by 18.36 hours. Fire crews from Shadwell, Soho, Dockhead (south of the river), Shoreditch and surrounding fire stations were at the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

LW Comment

It seems that one or two Wapping residents thought that the amount of fire engines in attendance yesterday was ‘a little excessive’ for the size of the fire.

Well, guess what folks? The reason it was not a big fire was because London Fire Brigade throw everything at an incident before they need it – ‘cos it ain’t much use after they need it.

Residents watch LFB tackle the fire in Wapping High Street.

Any report of a fire in a residential tower block in London has to be met with immediate and overwhelming resources – let us not forget the horror of Grenfell Tower.

Also a fire in a building bordering the River Thames is more difficult to tackle because the Brigade cannot attack it from all sides as they would with other buildings, although there are fire boats available if needed.


And remember – always call 999 before your start faffing around taking photos and videos.

Many thanks to London Fire Brigade for doing an amazing job yesterday along with their colleagues from London Ambulance Service and MPS Tower Hamlets.

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