Wapping High Street bus gate details announced

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Details of the bus gate in Wapping High Street have just been released by the Council. The bus gate is scheduled to be in operation from November 2019 at Pier Head between Sampson and Knighton Street.

Full details of Wapping bus gate are as follows:

  • The Bus Gate will be located on Wapping High Street at the Pier Head between Sampson and Knighton Street
  • It will operate from 05.30 -10.30 and 16.00-19.00 Monday to Friday
  • There will be no exemptions other than buses and cyclists
  • Motorbikes will not be allowed
  • Taxis will not be exempt.

Note: This is all the information we have at the moment and was provided to LW by the Tower Hamlets Communications Team. . We have asked the Council for a more detailed statement and will publish it here if and when we get it.

Update: Seems this decision was only taken yesterday so it will probably be next week before a full statement is available. This is now available here. 

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6 thoughts on “Wapping High Street bus gate details announced

  1. Typical arse of a council. My daughter lives Prusom street and drops the kids round before work. This arse of a council now insists she must go through the ridiculous traffic on the highway to go all the way round to get to us in Lilley Close. Mr Biggs I think you will find that I will stop your buses coming through. If you are going to affect my life then sure as hell I will take retribution. I am not going to take this shite. Too lazy to provide passage for residents to use our own streets. This is not going to go peacefully.

  2. Wapping is cut in half! We have the river to the south, The Highway to the north and now BUS GATE in the middle – Wapping and St. Katharines residents really should have the right to move around where we live whenever. Residents are suffering because of the ‘boy’ racers and the traffic that use Wapping as a ‘rat’ run in the mornings! Surely, if anyone should be exempt it should be us the residents! I haven’t had any notification of this from LBTH

  3. So that will screw over Shadwell then as any rat running traffic will now go north rather than south.

  4. This is bad; for anyone reliant on a car (such as the disabled) this is going to eliminate access to the station from the St. Katharine’s end — I guess they could get a bus, but that’s extra money and they still need to get to the bus stop.

    Also, the only congestion I have experienced has been between 7.45 and 9am — starting at 5.30am seems ridiculous.

    I am sick of Labour continually trying to micro manage people’s lives.

  5. No exemptions ?

    That is interesting. On March 13 , 2019 Margaret Cooper (TH Highways section) wrote to the TH Mayor Office (the Mayor sent me the email) saying:

    “The pubs ( and any delivery vehicles to those properties ) in the narrow section could easily apply for an exemption on reasonable grounds – this should be manageable.”

    She went on to say the King Henry’s Wharf property development HGV traffic will also be exempt since this was approved in the planning application.

    So really I think it is “no exemptions”, other than the exemptions.

    I cannot see this announcement on the TH website , so may be the above is covered there. Is there a link you can share on the TH website or is that to come (from TH) ?

    Regards Chris

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