Wapping Bus Gate survey details released (now updated with statistical nonsense)

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Details of the Wapping bus gate survey have been released and are available here in PDF format. 

Much as we would love to spend two hours extracting nice charts and key data from it we don’t get paid for any of this and we do not have the time today. Sorry!

However one of our most ardent followers has done some of the report which you can see below.

The most surreal part of this report is the following. Any idea how it is possible for a resident to rat-run through Wapping? Does this mean people using Wapping as a rat-run to Wapping? Who knows. Not us.

And as for the comments about those residents who are wheelchair users or have mobility issues? If ever there was a clearer case of discrimination we ain’t seen it.

Have a full read here of the report here. 

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5 thoughts on “Wapping Bus Gate survey details released (now updated with statistical nonsense)

  1. ‘Any idea how it is possible for a resident to rat-run through Wapping?’

    Yeah it says in literally the next sentence. Stop people getting in the car for a short journey to pick up milk. It’s trying to make it far more likely that residents will cycle or walk instead of driving for short journeys

  2. Would be impossible to enforce if residents were exempt… And not all residents are the law abiding upstanding members of the community assumed here…

    Roll on 24/7. It will make people think before they pointlessly drive around polluting the rest of us…

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for putting this together and publicising it..Indeed I know you requested it directly from TH.

    Just to remind everyone the TH announcement was 70% support the Bus Gate and that was being used to justify a Bus Gate with no exemptions for residents.. And now we know that actually only 22.5% support the proposal being adopted, that is a Bus Gate with no exemptions. You only get to 70% support if you allow exceptions.

    I regard that as a highly misleading use of data and a bit naughty….i.e. It reduces trust in TH summary documents…

    What I do not understand is why TH cannot just rollout the Bus Gate with Resident exceptions (which is clearly from the consultation quite popular… 70% support v 22%) and then see if that solves the congestion problems and only looking at no exceptions if it does not.

    Doing it the other way round risks (in my opinion) generating the same issues that occurred with the aborted Bow Bus gate and thus effectively meaning we abort/suspend the whole Bus Gate option after only one day as with the Bow Bus Gate. Perhaps TH should learn from its mistakes.

    The statement that residents rat run in their own local streets ignores the definition of what a rat run is and indeed TH provide no evidence to indicate this even happens. I know this because I asked the Mayor’s office if they had a break down of vehicle types when they did the traffic survey and they said they only had aggregate data.

    I also find it a tad offensive to accuse local residents of engaging in rat running on our local roads. But hey ho…

    And as you say absolutely no help only hinderance for residents with mobility needs, which TH and TFL have already made far worse since they cut back on the 100 Bus service regularity.

    Cheers Chris

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