Bus gate approved in Wapping – official Council statement (via an unusual route)

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The official Wapping bus gate statement has been released by Tower Hamlets Council via the unusual method of a tweet from local councillor Abdal Ullah. Last week residents (and ourselves) were confused when the Council’s communications department issued some details of the announcement direct to Love Wapping but with only a promise of a formal statement during the coming week.

Below is the full text of the statement.

Bus gate approved in Wapping

“A bus gate is set to be introduced to protect residents from the blight of driver using their streets as a rush hour rat-run.

The decision follows a consultation which resulted in more than 2,300 responses. 70 per cent of ward residents and 61 per cent of all respondents to the consultation were in favour of a bus gate.

The bus gate will see traffic restricted on weekdays from 5.30am to 10.30am and from 4pm to 7pm on Wapping High Street between the junctions of Sampson Street and Knighton Street. Only buses and bicycles will be permitted to pass through during those hours.

The changes will be implemented for 18 months initially to assess the impact they have on road safety, traffic congestion and air quality.

The proposals do not include exemptions for residents or taxis as it was determined that to do so would undermine the overall aims of the bus gate.

Local vehicles and taxis carrying passengers to addresses in the area will still be able to move around freely during restricted hours by using roads on either side of the bus gate.

The bus gate is set to be operational from November [2019] following the installation of signage and automatic number plate recognition cameras along the route.”


LW Comment

Almost at the bottom but not quite. Guess which Wapping councillor the big red arrow points to?

Call us sceptical but LW cannot help thinking that the reason for this highly anticipated statement being released by Cllr. Ullah is a desperate attempt by the Labour administration to try and provide the illusion that Cllr. Ullah actually does something.

Just a wild guess.

Other possible explanations are:

(A) The Communications Team just needed a hand getting this information out (highly unlikely ‘cos they are media professionals)

(B) There is a snap local election happening just in Wapping and Cllr. Ullah needs whatever votes he can get

(C) Cllr. Ullah really believes he has a chance of becoming the prospective parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse and thinks this is a great way to boost his chances

(D) There is some obscure linkage between the Wapping bus gate and Cllr. Ullah’s property consultancy ventures which we just ain’t worked out yet

Fact is that in over five years this is, to our recollection, the only instance where a media statement has been released in this manner and on a weekend as well.

And this is Tower Hamlets.

At the time of publication we could find no trace of this statement on the LBTH Communications media release page or anywhere else.

One of our two readers may remember that we recently revealed that Cllr. Ullah only raised five council enquiries on behalf of Wapping residents between 1 May 2018 and 21 May 2019, and so coming third from the bottom of the total results for all Tower Hamlets councillors across the borough.

Cllr. Marc Francis (Labour, Bow East) raised 611 Member Enquiries (MEs)  in the same time period, Cllr. Rabina Khan (Liberal Democrat, Shadwell) raised 457 enquiries and Cllr. Sirajul Islam (Labour, Bethnal Green) 416 ME requests because the take their duties as elected representatives of local residents very seriously and do a good job.

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2 thoughts on “Bus gate approved in Wapping – official Council statement (via an unusual route)

  1. How to prove anything with statistics.

    “70% of residents approved it”, but no mention of how many of those residents (like me) who approved it, only did so on the basis that residents would be exempt. Which I put in the comments section.

    I know TH won’t reply (because it will undermine their policy statement), but could that question be asked ? i.e. How many residents approved the bus gate without ANY exemptions.

    The consultation document explicitly asked about exemptions for (residents, taxis etc) so it is strange that that statistic is not given…If we are quoting statistics from the consultation…

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