Wapping locked-in once more by sporting event and Underground part-closures

Many thanks to What’s in Wapping for pointing out to the world that not only is Wapping locked-in by the London Triathlon today but some idiots – looking at you Transport for London and Tower Hamlets Council – also decided to part-close many of the Underground lines.

Even compared to the gross incompetence that Tower Hamlets Council and Mayor John Bigg’s administration now demonstrates on a weekly basis this is quite extraordinary.

Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse residents may not be aware that these road closures have knock-on effects across the east of the borough.

Did you get a leaflet?

Due to the London Triathlon there are road closures from Tower Hill, along The Highway all the way to the Limehouse Link. As usual it seems few residents living south of The Highway received any notice about this.

Wapping residents were infuriated to find that Transport for London had also decided to part-close the Circle, Hammersmith & City, London Overground and Metropolitan Lines. (It does seem that Wapping Overground is open at the time of publication but do not rely on this information.)

End result? Massive inconvenience for thousands of people across east London with little prior notification.

Hunt the road closure info online

The London Triathlon website at www.thelondontriathlon.co.uk is of little use as it not a live site and simply redirects users to the ‘Live To Tri’ site and if you check the road closures page of that site you will find another link that directs to you the TfL site (still with us?) and if you click that link it only takes you to the general TfL journey planner. and nothing about road closures.

How is it possible for Tower Hamlets Council to not be aware of this and so liaise with London Triathlon organisers and Transport for London to ensure that inconvenience is minimised?

Maybe the Council did not know? Or maybe they just do not care?

The London Triathlon is organised by Limelight Sports Limited which is apparently the ‘Agency of the Active World’. As if anyone cares.

Sick of pathetic excuses? There will be more.

Every year the streets of Tower Hamlets are used by large organisations for various experiential branding and charity events.

Every year the complete disinterest as to how these wonderful heart-warming events affect residents across the borough is evident. This year is no exception.

Here are the usual excuses which will no doubt be recycled this year.

LBTH Template Excuse

“London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council has no control over street closures or Transport for London decisions as to when to part-close Underground lines for maintenance. We will ensure that lessons are learned blah blah piffle waffle nah nah wibble.”

TfL Template Excuse

“Transport for London has no control over major sporting events in the capital and to be honest we don’t really care about anything that goes on in the poorer parts of London like Tower Hamlets. You pay for your Oyster, what do you expect? Pearls?”

Event Sponsor Template Excuse

“Wapping in Tower Hamlets? Where’s that? Your brand seems to need some energising!”

Local Councillor Template Excuse

“Wapping lock-ins provide a fantastic opportunity for residents to join one of my many Anti-Social Behaviour walkabouts which give the illusion of community engagement while doing nothing of the kind. I do makes lists of things which I combine to compile an ASB Blueprint for Action that is remarkably similar to the last Blueprint and I get to talk about me, which is the main thing.”

Contact your local councillor

Wapping residents can contact of course Cllr. Abdal Ullah via his Twitter profile @AbdalUllah via email Abdal.Ullah@towerhamlets.gov.uk or give him a call on 07956 124264 to express their views to him personally.



4 thoughts on “Wapping locked-in once more by sporting event and Underground part-closures

  1. How utterly pathetic. An event with 11,000 participants and thousands of spectators (see the crowds in Westminster) closes a few roads on a Sunday morning, and all you can do is moan about mild inconvenience. Perhaps some of those complaining should follow the example of the triathletes and get some exercise, maybe walking 300 yards north or south to areas unaffected.

    1. Yep, will mention that to the numerous elderly people, disabled people and parents with children in buggies next time I see them. Oh and the people who need to get to work on a Sunday who did not get any warning of this event happening.

  2. The communication of the Triathlon transport lock in has been even worse this year than in previous years.

    As usual I had to walk to London Wall since the 100 bus was not running (10am this morning) but on my travels/brisk walk I met and advised 3 separate people, who were waiting for the 100 bus on the stops on Vaughan Way, that it was not running. The problem being the sign on the bus stops is not very big and more importantly all it states is the bus will be diverted due to the triathlon. As in it is regularly diverted via Leadenhall st when Aldgate is closed off. i.e. The signage at the bus stops should say ALL The Stops are closed, not diverted. So my walk ended up as a small group of forced walkers towards Liverpool St.

    And on the way again unlike last year there was no pedestrian crossing (aided by the many Hi Vis stewards) at Vaughan Way, instead we had to cross at the under pass at Tower Hill. And again no signs to advise pedestrians were they can cross. The stewards did not know the area apparently.

    The only positive side is I met some new “Wapping Walking Buddies, coz the bus isn’t running”…

    Cannot see much point in complaining about all this (again) since I have repeatedly contacted (and in some cases met) Mayor Biggs, TFL, Mayor Khan, Cllr’s Denise Jones & Abdul Allah and of course our London Assembly member Unmesh Desai…We even had a meeting at Raines House about this back in March 2018 and nothing ever changes, indeed if today is anything to go by it is getting worse. Very poor (no) communication and signage.

    Incidentally I would not mind so much if people actually watched the event (like they do for the Marathon and Half marathon), but for today’s triathlon and no doubt next weeks Prudential Insurance event, I saw literally no spectators.

    What also gets me is of those people waiting at the Bus stops on Vaughan Way this morning (for the no existent “diverted bus”), none of them was aware that the Bus will not run next Sunday when we “celebrate” The Prudential Wealth Management & Insurance advertising event, which apparently also involves a cycle run to close the streets.

    Unfortunately some people in Wapping do need to get to work on Sunday, but I guess our elected officials and TFL don’t..

    But of course it is the same next week. Hopefully it won’t rain…

    Cheers Chris & My Wapping to Liverpool Street, Walking Buddies .

    1. Thanks Chris, a typical example I fear. I have been thinking for some time that if the authorities are too lazy to do anything or just incompetent maybe some direct action would focus their minds? Like blocking the route at strategic points? Or should I say creating a resident led crossing point that only lets pedestrians through all day….

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