Wapping in shock as photographic evidence of local councillor doing some work emerges

Shock and confusion rippled across the borough early this morning as photographic evidence of a local councillor doing some work emerged.  The photograph, shown below, is of what seems be a booted footprint on a surface or foreign substance.

On hearing the news LW sent our entire editorial team to investigate as few of them had ever seen a member of the Labour Party do thing one for the borough apart from sing silly songs about roses.

None had ever seen a local councillor in Wapping do anything other than make bullsh*t promises at an election to get in power then sod off never to be seen again with the exception of Cllr. Julia ‘Tinsel’ Lopez nee Dockerill who was always busy.

Wapping Lane was abuzz with theories as to who had made the footprint and that maybe it was one of the councillors who were elected in other wards but helped residents in our ward due to the lack of our own elected representative?

This idea was dismissed after close examination of the shoe wear of Cllr. Rabina Khan (Lib Dem, Shadwell) Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) and Cllr. Peter Golds (Conservative, Island Gardens) as they strode up Wapping Lane in the direction of Raine’s House.

Cuppa needed

The Wapping Mole spoke to residents about the news and gauged their reaction to the morning’s events.  Mo Mash was still reeling from the revelation and needed a sit down and a cup of tea while he gathered his thoughts.

“I just don’t understand what is going on. The last local election was the other year innit and we haven’t heard a whisper from our ward councillor, now this! A footprint! Does this mean he still exists? Or is he like Big Foot? said Mo.

Promises, promises

Doris Doughty lives on the Green Bank and she was as confused as the rest of the residents. Doris said it was her who spotted the solitary footprint earlier in the morning and had taken the photo on her phone.

“I didn’t see who made the footprint but I think it was one of those councillor people. There was one who promised to get my guttering cleared but he did f**k all after he got my vote,” said Doris.

When asked why a photo of a solitary footprint indicated that a local councillor was doing some work Doris was a bit nonplussed. “You are right, he might have just been going to his allotment.”

Enquiries continue.

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2 thoughts on “Wapping in shock as photographic evidence of local councillor doing some work emerges

  1. Call yourself a journalist. You are so politically biased it’s untrue. Our local councillors are constantly doing things every week and reporting it online yet you never report it yourself. I’ll take your reporting more seriously when you get more impartial.

    1. Obviously a Labour supporter! Too many of our Labour councillors – aka your mates – are idle at best. They are more than happy to lie to residents to get elected, pocket their allowance and then not do a damn thing. Am I biased against these lazy gits? Sure am! Always will be. And those who support them – like you. But let’s be fair, you name your local councillors who are so busy and we will check them out and you can prove us wrong. Deal?

      OK, so name your busy councillors. No rush.

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