London Triathlon road closures cause misery across Tower Hamlets – for what?

Further to our story about the London Triathlon organisers, Transport for London or Tower Hamlets Council having not the slightest regard for the residents of our borough who need to do stuff on a Sunday so shutting roads while the Underground was also partially closed we sent our people out to get photographs of some of the roads yesterday.

Locked-in Wapping

Wapping Lane

Another quiet Sunday – idyllic for some but not for those who had plans and had no idea there was going to be a lock-in.


The Highway view west

Roads closed for this? Some triathletes can be seen in the far distance left. Crowds of spectators? None.


The Highway view east

Why is The Highway closed so a very small number of people can ride their bikes on it watched by nobody?


The Highway view east

And by nobody we mean nobody.


East India Dock Road view west

Because of the road closures traffic jams like this one in East India Dock Road stretched all the way to Limehouse.


East India Dock Road view east

And back east the other way.


A1261 at Billingsgate Market view east

One of the main routes, the A1261, was closed for um, errr…. there might be someone on a bike down there. Is there?


A1261 at Billingsgate Market view east

Oh yes! There they are. Quite possibly three bikes.

Note to organisers: Any correspondence received which includes the phrase ‘lessons will be learned’ will be treated the same way you treat residents. With complete contempt. 


6 thoughts on “London Triathlon road closures cause misery across Tower Hamlets – for what?

  1. I live in Wapping and have no issues whatsoever with the closures for the triathlon. One day a year adding on a bit of minor inconvenience. You get plenty of notice, it happens every year, can take the overground, walk over to the DLR or cycle somewhere instead; do like these people and enjoy a little exercise instead of driving around. You’ll find it’s quite enjoyable

  2. We catch this by accident every year … This year we could barely tell it had been on. the road closures were removed much earlier – and there was no sign of back logs of traffic in central london. One year it took us over four hours to get from the London Eye to ExCel

  3. Journalism at it’s finest: A few pictures taken at either the very beginning or very end of the day when the majority of the 3000 or so competitors were not on that part of the course, accompanied by a few sarcastic comments.

    I understand it must be a pain to be locked in by road closures (especially if you have things to do and no interest in Triathlon), but the organizers did a fantastic job of keeping everyone safe. Whining is a negative, sarcastic tone just turns everyone off to your (actually quite valid) arguments. Try and see it from both sides.

    1. So where do you live Tom? In Wapping? PS thank you for your kind comments about our journalism! We aim to please.

  4. I appreciate it’s not ideal for local residents, but according to the London Triathlon results website 1,801 individuals (including me) completed the Olympic Westminster event yesterday, and 143 teams did the same distance, plus 211 individuals completed the Olympic Plus event. So that’s well over 2,000 people who used the road closure near Wapping.

    1. It is not just local residents who are stuffed by these events. It is the whole borough. People in the north of the borough who need to get to the Isle of Dogs Asda on a Sunday are screwed too. Over 46,000 people run the London Marathon and it is a fantastic event and well worth the disruption (as long as it is advertised beforehand). 2,000 people who are watched by pretty much nobody doesn’t really wash.

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