Cllr. Pappu finally gets round to completing his Register of Interests declaration

Moles are not very fond of too much sunshine which is why the Wapping Mole has spent lots of time burrowing underground this week. Occasionally he pops up in the Town Hall canteen for a quick snack and eavesdrops on the latest gossip, but he is always keen to get digging again.

Cllr. Pappu (Labour, Blackwall & Cubitt Town)

Sometimes Moley gets lucky and bumps into something interesting he feels you should know about quite easily, other times he digs and digs and digs but cannot find answers to the most simple question.

Rules? Regulations? Pah!

Like what Cllr. Pappu (Labour, Blackwall & Cubitt Town) actually does for a living. Some of the Labour Party councillors – like Cllr. Tarik Khan and his other half Cllr. Asma Begum – take a very relaxed view of the regulations that apply to their duties and just don’t bother declaring on their Register of Interests things like who they work for.

Problem being that the senior council officers who are paid a lot of money to do their jobs (£100k+) like the Chief Executive Will Tuckley and Ms. Asmat Hussain, Corporate Director, Governance and Monitoring Officer seem to take a pretty relaxed approach to their duties too and aren’t at all bothered if councillor’s do – or do not – do what they are supposed to do.

Routine sweeping

On a routine sweep through all the Tower Hamlets councillor’s Register of Interests a week or so back (yes, we do not get out much) Moley was a puzzled to find that Cllr. Pappu did not seem to have a job as he had not entered details of any employer in his Register of Interests.

One of our two regular readers may remember Cllr. Pappu from this story about his dubious social media activities and then this story about the longest apology by anyone for anything at anytime. 

Our information – from an impeccable source – was that he is in fact employed by Barking and Dagenham Council as a Youth Development Worker on the LifeLine Project.

We emailed Cllr. Pappu last Friday 12th July asking him if this was correct but answer came there none.

We sat down to write this today and checked once again. And guess what? Cllr. Pappu’s Register of Interests now, after an update on 15th July (Monday),  he states that his employment is ‘Youth Development Worker – LifeLine Project’.

Well done Cllr. Pappu! Wasn’t that difficult to do, was it?

One thing does puzzle Moley though. Firstly why does he not say that he is employed by Barking and Dagenham Council? Minor detail? Well it’s the little things that make the difference Moley always finds.

A long commute

And why on earth does he have a job all the way over in Barking (and Dagenham)? Why not get a job in lovely Tower Hamlets where he lives and works? Residence in the borough is of course a requirement for councillors.

From Mulberry Place to Barking & Dagenham Town Hall is a good five miles as the crow flies. So that’s a minimum ten mile commute every day from where Cllr. Pappu lives in Tower Hamlets to where he works. Quite a journey.

But good to see someone so dedicated to their job that they will travel so far.

Moley checked the Register of Interests for Cllr. Tarik Khan and Cllr. Asma Begum and they are still both unemployed as neither of them say they have an employer, just referring anyone interested – like the people who voted for them – to the others Register of Interests.

Still, should be jolly interesting when they do obey the rules and say who their respective employers are, eh?

Pip pip!

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