Brothel or cult? Wapping Wall residents plagued by late night gatherings

Wapping residents are having to endure an odd range of activities taking place at 26 Wapping Wall at all hours of the day and night. Exactly what these activities are is puzzling residents but the accounts by eye-witnesses would seem to indicate that the premises is either a brothel or some form of cult.

Chanting and screaming

A cult in the middle of Wapping may seem unlikely but people living near 26 Wapping Wall have reported that two or three times a week up to 20 people cram into the flat and “start chanting and screaming from 7 pm to 11pm”. This also happens on Saturday mornings.

Have a listen.

The gentleman who appears at the very end of the video clips in a white shirt seems to be the ‘doorman’ for whatever is happening inside. Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone confront this person or anyone else they see coming in or out of the premises. If you are threatened dial 999.

This has been witnessed at 6am one morning by the Tower Hamlets Noise Enforcement manager but unfortunately singing doesn’t constitute a statutory noise nuisance.

The two tenants of the rented flat are allegedly three months in arrears with their rent payments and have changed the locks without the landlord’s consent. The landlord has been looking to evict them for over two months.

The Tower Hamlets Environmental Protection Team have served a noise abatement notice but without much effect. The Environmental Protection Team are urging all residents to contact them about any alleged noise nuisance to its Out of Hours Noise Team on 0207 3645 007. Their operational nights are from Thursday to Sunday 8pm to 03.30am.

LW visited the location during the day on Thursday at just before 12am and around 6pm and our observations would suggest that 26 Wapping Wall is quite likely being used as a brothel.

26 Wapping Wall

Eye-witness comments

These are some of the comments from people living nearby:

“I walked past it today at around 7.30am and there were two “dressed up” women who looked like they were waiting for a taxi.” Resident A

“There is, in general, extremely loud music and noise coming from the property at around 6am.” Resident B

“I walked past around 10pm one night and while there was lots of activity there and some form of chanting like Yahweh but there was no music being played.” Resident C

“It honestly sounds like they are a voodoo cult of some sort. Some of the residents took videos last week then someone came out of the flat and threatened us. We called the police who informed us that many people had complained. It has not stopped them however. It has to be witnessed to be believed – its almost surreal.” Resident D

Another resident LW spoke to, who unsurprisingly wishes to remain anonymous, said they have written to the council to tell them that ‘from the comings and goings of expensive cars, the number of people entering and exiting this building at all hours of the day, and the raucous nature of what is occurring in this property, I have strong suspicions that it is either being used as a brothel or a drug den.’

Get organised

While some might find the thought of a brothel in peaceful Wapping mildly amusing the reality is that brothels are crime magnets and sooner or later crime will start to rise in the area.

Local residents are now getting themselves organised to fight this problem and have created a WhatsApp group (email with your phone number and street address if you want to be added.)

No democratic representation in Wapping

If anyone spots one of our local ‘councillors’ taking any interest in this please take a photo. One approach might be to lure them with the promise of votes – and then not vote for them at an election ’cos that is how democracy works.

Reality is that as is increasingly the case in Tower Hamlets residents have to sort problems out themselves as they do not have any democratic representation on their local authority.

Many thanks to the Tower Hamlets Environmental Protection Team who are doing what they can.

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4 thoughts on “Brothel or cult? Wapping Wall residents plagued by late night gatherings

  1. No quotes, I notice, from the people who actually attend the property because nobody’s bothered to speak to them and simply ask what’s going on before accusing them of being criminals and publishing it on a public forum.
    Comes across as cowardice at best and bigotry at worst.
    Really really embarrassed to share a home with everybody quoted in this article. But not surprised either.

    1. No identification, I notice, of who you are and where you live? Comes across as cowardice at best. So who are you mystery James? Is that your real name? Got a surname? No? Live in Wapping Wall? Where? Do you live in that property? Or even in Wapping? Or are you too scared to say so? Or reveal anything else about yourself that might make your comments of any use whatsoever?

      When you grow a pair and have enough courage to identify yourself to the community and – maybe – your neighbours in Wapping Wall do come back and let us all know. Until then all other comments by you will be deleted as the trash they are.

      And for your information those people who have asked what is going on at the property have been threatened with violence. By you maybe?

  2. I went past 7am last week, my first thought was some african ‘church’ religious witchcraft mumbo jumbo.

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