Another Wapping weekend and another lock-in courtesy of Prudential Ride London

If you missed the traffic chaos caused by last Sunday’s London Triathlon event don’t worry – this Sunday 4th August 2019 the Prudential Ride London event will be causing the same level of disruption.

So consider last weekend just a warm-up. Sorry.

You can find more details on the route closure PDF – link below.

Mind games

Our-so-inept-it-would-be-funny-if-it-was-not-so-tragic council has done us all proud by posting details of last year’s 2018 Prudential Ride London event just to screw with your mind. Ignore it.

Ignore this as well

Residents should also ignore the information on the same page about the AJ Bell London Triathlon because that info refers to last years event too.

LW spent some time looking at this out-of-date information in some confusion until we realised what was going on.

Which is more than we can say for the Council as there seems to be no information about this year’s Prudential Ride London event on the Council’s website.

Road closures in Wapping Sunday 4 August 2019

We have managed to find this information for you which does seem to be for this year (2019? Yes?).

East London Road Closures PDF

We hope this helps. Nobody else seems arsed.

LW Comment

Two consecutive Wapping lock-ins on two consecutive weekends? Seriously?

You can find contact details for all your ward councillors here. Why not get in touch?

The Council’s website does have these little missives for all of you who are not of the two-wheeled persuasion.

“The council is committed to helping our residents to live happier, healthier lives with greater access to cultural, community and leisure activities. As such, we are always pleased to welcome sporting stars – both professional and amateur – to our streets.”


“While the response to sporting events is broadly positive, the council does recognise that the need for road closures and parking restrictions can cause some frustration, particularly in areas that are impacted more than once in an average year.

Most of the larger events take place solely on main roads controlled by Transport for London – as in the case of Ride London and the London Triathlon – and the council does not have a deciding role in the approval process or in the organisation of road closures. “

Buck. Passed.

And for those of you who missed our in-depth coverage of the massed spectators at last weekend’s event enjoying greater access to cultural, community and leisure activities, this photo is for you!

Not a spectator in sight on The Highway.

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4 thoughts on “Another Wapping weekend and another lock-in courtesy of Prudential Ride London

  1. When these roads are closed has anybody given any thought to the disruption that spreads to the roads out if London. The fact that ambulances and police or our fire services are stuck in this traffic and cannot get into the city to answer emergency calls is of little concern to these people riding there bikes. Lets just hope that they do not require any of these services today and save a thought for someone who desperately needs an ambulance but could die because it could not get through the traffic caused by these road closures. Lets hope there isn’t a major incident when all these services are required, our roads in barking and dagenham are completely grid locked the planning of this event lacked any thought or consideration for the disabled who rely on there vehicle to get from a to b and those who provide services to the elderly and housebound who will not be able to get to the people they care for its dusgusting

  2. I don’t understand, whenever these events are on I can easily get out of Wapping so how is it a lock in..?

    Maybe this is annoying if you want to use your car, but we’re living in central London. We get a lot of really nice things from that, and sometimes we have to compromise. I did the Ride London a couple of years ago and it’s a really amazing experience

  3. As a resident who participates in these events I’m all for them. More the better. Might stop people pointlessly driving around….!!

  4. It would helpful if, as they do for the Marathon, that they actually marked the pedestrian crossing points as opposed to saying there will be some and they will be sign posted. Last Sunday the crossing points were not marked nor sign posted and the steward I spoke to, did not know where they were.. So we walked to the under pass at Tower Hill assuming that was the only way out. During the Marathon they advise pedestrian’s NOT to cross there, due to the crowds, which clearly was not a problem for the triathlon, who knows for the Prudential Cycle thingy…i.e. Communication would help Sunday commuters, but I guess instead we will have to guess yet again…

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