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Brexit. Trump wanting to invade Iran. A Bus Gate. Repression in Hong Kong. Dodgy local councillors. Scorchio in Europe. Of all the major crises that could impact us only one is taxing the minds of Wapping residents. And it ain’t Brexit or Iran. Unless Trump decides to invade Brexit – which is quite possible.

There has been some consternation in the Twittersphere as to exactly when the consultation document about the Wapping Bus Gate will be published. We all want the madness that is the current traffic in Wapping sorted as soon as possible and tempers are getting a little frayed.

LW has checked and the official council line is that after the consultation, proposals are now being considered in the normal way as part of the council’s internal decision making process and a decision is expected to be published in July.

As it’s the last week of June that does not sound too bad.

Mole goes digging

The Wapping Mole
Our bus gate expert

The Wapping Mole knows nothing about bus gates whatsoever so LW considered him to be the best member of our editorial team to be sent around the UK on a bus gate fact finding tour.

After burrowing under numerous bus gates in various counties and causing the collapse of several (sorry Bradford!) Moley returned only last night and here is his report.

It’s complicated

The Wapping Mole thinks that the delay in publishing the Wapping Bus Gate consultation document is not related to whether to install a bus gate (it’s going to happen), but more to do with the complexities of how it will operate and who will be able to pass through it at any given time.

A bus gate is not just a yellow line painted along a road, it’s a technical bit of kit that costs a lot and needs to be done properly.

Moley knows that if the bus gate is not done properly the council will be criticised for not getting it right first time. So just chill out and wait.

And Moley is a very wise mole. Well, he thinks so. But he probably isn’t.

A D3 and a D100 bus crashed into each other in Wapping Lane and caused chaos to their respective bus routes.

Wapping Wall traffic problems

Moley would also like us to point out that the traffic jams caused by commercial vehicles loading and unloading along Wapping Wall as Metropolitan Wharf comes back into commercial use is a much bigger problem than the bus gate.

Oh and of course the parents who drive their children 500m to school because because they can’t be arsed to walk little Taramasalata don’t help much either. However Mole knows that criticising parents for doing anything anywhere is forbidden by numerous legal statutes so he didn’t really say that.

So that’s it really. For those who are already bus gate geeks we have found more information from the interwebs which may be handy and you can see below. There is even a bus lane database!

Get the registration please

One last note – if residents see dangerous driving or other breaches of road safety please get a vehicle registration number and vehicle description and report it to the authorities. Social media is no substitute for actually doing something.

Idiot boy racer doing his best to kill residents.

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