Cllr. Tarik Khan, Cllr. Asma Begum and the Register of Interests Infinity Loop

Still with us? Or have you given up and are doing something far more interesting than reading this?

Well if you are still paying attention we should point out that this bit is related to two other stories, both of which relate to Cllr. Tarik Khan (St Peters, Labour), the South London Procurement Network (which did not and now does exist) and the Register of Interests of Cllr. Tarik Khan and his partner, Cllr. Asma Begum (Labour, Bow West) who is Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Equalities.

Are Asma and Tarik getting enough to eat?

After receiving the latest email from the Town Hall Moley checked the Register of Interests for Cllr. Tarik Khan and saw that the ‘Employment, Trade or Profession’ box on his Register of Interest is now blank.

Cllr. Tarik Khan has put ‘see Cllr. Asma Begum’s declaration’ in the Other relevant person (husband/wife/co-habitating partner) box.

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And he has put ‘see Cllr. Asma Begum’s declaration’ in most of the other boxes too.

We checked Cllr. Asma Begum’s declaration. And guess what? The ‘Employment, Trade or Profession’ box says see Cllr. Tarik Khan’s Declaration.

So we checked Cllr. Tarik Khan’s declaration. Which said look at Cllr. Asma Begum’s declaration. Which said… well, you get the idea. An infinite loop. You can see the detail in the graphic above.

As neither Cllr. Tarik Khan or Cllr. Asma Begum have declared that they are employed by anybody can we assume they are both unemployed?

Are they both on Universal Credit? Do they know where the local food bank is? (Cos if they are on UC they will need one, believe us).

LW has emailed both Cllr. Tarik Khan and his partner Cllr. Asma Begum for clarification on this issue.

But that is not the point. There is a legal requirement for local authority councillors to declare their employment, or any related pecuniary (financial) interest they have. This is not happening.

There is also a legal requirement for senior council officers to ensure the register of Members’ interests is accurate. This is not happening.

These are failures of governance which are symptomatic of Tower Hamlets Council.

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