School kids with knives show real extent of knife crime crisis

Images circulating on social media this morning showed two school boys, allegedly in the grounds of Bow Boys school, Twelvetrees Crescent, E3 showing off a large kitchen knife and a screwdriver concealed in their belts.

The still frames below were taken from the short video circulated on WhatsApp.

The two school boys are probably in their early teens, if that. LW has obscured their faces for legal reasons.

The boy on the left has a large kitchen knife, the boy on the right a screwdriver – often just as lethal as a knife.

The kitchen knife looks to have a blade of at least six inches in length.

Boy holding screwdriver.

Another boy out of shot makes a gun shape with his gloved hand.

As soon as LW was sent the video we alerted the police  who had already had numerous calls.  Bow Boys school were also alerted and asked for comment.

LW Comment

These images are almost worse than the video we were sent a few weeks ago of 23-year-old Alimuz Zaman after being stabbed. We did not publish the video because it was too graphic.

Todays images show no blood and nobody had been injured. What was shocking was that children so young considered it cool to take lethal weapons to school.

If these images are not a wake-up call for the authorities to deal robustly with knife crime then nothing is.

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