Car crash at East India Dock Road highlights the growing pains of Tower Hamlets

A black BMW convertible crashed into a pedestrian crossing on East India Dock Road at its junction with Wade’s Place and by some miracle nobody seems to have been hurt. The accident took place around 9am this morning just as the large numbers of children and their families who walk to Our Lady and St. Joseph Catholic Primary School school trickled away.

Three young men seemed to be the occupants of the BMW who were soon joined by quite a few officers from MPS Tower Hamlets and of course LFB Tower Hamlets, the Shadwell LFB station being just down the road. It seems the three men reported the incident themselves.

The LFB crews got their hose at the ready just to be on the safe side but it was not needed.

The East India Dock Road junction with Wade’s Place top right) is notoriously bad as at all times of day there are vehicles trying to cross from Wade’s Place across East India Dock Road to gain access to Annabel Close.

During rush hour there are frequently other vehicles trying to do the same from Annabel Close to Wade’s Place. Combine this with all the school children walking across the pedestrian crossing and the only surprising thing is that this sort of incident does not happen more often.

It would be easy to propose changing the layout of this very dangerous junction – if possible – but the problems here are symptomatic of the rising population of Tower Hamlets trying to cram into a space which just is not big enough.

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