Bow Boys school considers knife incident to be ‘unacceptable behaviour’ (video)

Further to our previous report of the knife crime incident at Bow Boys school yesterday Tower Hamlets police have provided more details. LW also has the video of yesterday’s incident.

Death of Nasar Ahmed

Bow Boys school has previously been in the news after pupil Nasar Ahmed, 14, who had severe asthma and allergies, died while in supervised detention in 2016.

One juvenile arrested

Tower Hamlets police say that police received a number of calls from members of the public yesterday stating that a video was in circulation of two school boys, one of whom was in possession of a knife in the E3 area.

Officers attended and arrested one male juvenile for possession of a knife.

Frame grab from video shows large knife (left) and screwdriver (right).

Further calls were received to reports of a group of young males fighting on Pennyfields, E14. Police attended and found one male who had received a non-life threatening head injury who attended hospital. Another male was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon.

Swift action by police

Based on these two incidents, Acting Inspector Beasley authorised a Section 60 notice, in the postcode areas of E3 and E14, from 1430 hours to 1830 hours. A notice authorised under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act allows officers to stop and search people within a specified area during a specified time.

Screen grab of message sent to parents by Bow Boys school (LW emphasis)

Unacceptable behaviour? WTF?

Bow Boys school sent a message about the incident to parents and carers yesterday saying in part that the school was “aware of a video circulating online that includes two of our students demonstrating unacceptable behaviour outside of the school grounds. We are aware of who they are and are responding robustly.”

To describe the behaviour of the two boys showing off lethal weapons to their mates as ‘unacceptable behaviour’ demonstrates a poor grasp of the English language at best and more importantly could be seen by some to be an attempt to downplay the seriousness of the situation.

A parent or carer of a child at Bow Boys school reading the message this morning might reasonable think that ’unacceptable behaviour’ was a water fight, a scuffle over a girl or similar.

Parents now know that the unacceptable behaviour was in fact two schoolboys in possession of a large kitchen knife and a screwdriver and one of them was arrested by the police.

LW Comment

It is worrying that the person in charge at Bow Boys school thinks it is permissible to use a euphemism to describe knife crime.

Maybe the school governors, Ofsted or whoever is responsible might like to sack that person and help make the borough a safer place? Just a thought.

Another thought is for the borough to start putting some of the vast sums of cash it to good use by spending some on knife arches (as shown in tweet image above), knife wands and extra security for every school in Tower Hamlets.

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